There are many fascinating safaris to explore in Africa. Being able to narrow which safari to travel to can be difficult. If you have never traveled to an African safari, you may be curious about what to expect. There are several recommended safaris to travel to that will provide the most fun and memorable experience. These safaris are family friendly and have a variety of things to see and activities to do for tourists.

Honeymoon Cape Town and Kruger Safari

cheetahThe beautiful scenic safari offers a nine-day stay and tours around the area. The view of this destination will leave you mesmerized by its beauty. There are many accommodations to take advantage of and there are numerous activities to do. Cape Town is famous for its food and gourmet that it provides to its guests. It is known as the gourmet capital of Africa. The Ellerman House offers an elegant place to stay and enjoy. There is plenty of art to enjoy with the quality art collection that is available to view. The suburb landscaping and ocean views provide a natural art of beauty. Kruger Park Safari has amazing wildlife to explore and watch. You will have hours of enjoyment when you experience the animals and wildlife. The Kruger Safari and Cape Town are a wonderful place to visit for families, couples, honeymooners, and a romantic getaway.

Luxury Migration Safari

The Migration Safari is located in the eastern part of Africa. It offers guests an 8-night stay in a luxury atmosphere. The four popular game reserves in the east of Africa are combined with the fly in safari experience. The Migration Safari is a fabulous place to travel to and has a lot to offer visitors. The extensive wildlife is an amazing sight to experience, the scenery is incredible and the wonderful food will keep you coming back to the African Safari. The safari offers a magnificent view of the Indian Ocean island that is perfect for a romantic setting. Families will have fun and experience an unforgettable adventure in the safari.

Vic Falls and Zimbabwe Safari

The Zimbabwe Safari provides an adventurous two-week stay. You and your family will have your own private tour guide to take you on a journey through South Africa. The start of your journey will take place at the Johannesburg airport in South Africa. Then you will fly to Maun, which is located in Botswana. Here you will spend four days of exploring the amazing wetlands. After your four days stays in the wetlands, you will fly to Victoria Falls for three days. Victoria Falls is a magnificent water area that tourists love to explore. It has unique wildlife and scenery that offers an amazing experience of Africa’s Adventure Capital. After your three days is up in the Victoria Falls location, you will travel to Zimbabwe for an interesting secret safari adventure. Hwange National Park has an abundance of grassland and wildlife reserve to experience. Your two-week journey will end at Matabos National Park. The Matabos National Park will allow you to see the largest boulder rock art in Africa.

Mara and Selous Safari

The two-week safari experience is something that you do not want to miss. The beginning of the exploration will start at Nairobi Tented Camp. The Nairobi Tented Camp has a great wildlife adventure for the tourists to enjoy. The wildlife and animals exhibit a memorable experience. The next place on your safari trip will be to Porini Lion Camp in Africa. The camp borders the exhilarating scenery of Masai Mara. Here you will get to see the Olare Motorogi Conservancy of animals and the Big 5 wildlife. You and your family can enjoy the surreal peace and tranquility while through the safari. The next place to visit will be Serengeti of Tanzania. There is a remarkable experience that awaits here because of the migration herds and wildlife. Lake Manyara is the next location for the safari adventure The Ngorongoro Crater is a unique sight to take in. After spending time examining the crater and its amazing form, you will have the opportunity to relax for the night. Your stay will be at the Coffee Lodge in Arusha. The following morning, you will travel by flight into the Sand River Lodge. Here you will experience the wildness of the safari on foot, by boat, and vehicle. The two-week journey offers an amazing time of adventure, scenery, and astonishing safari experience.

A Family Safari Trip


An African Safari trip would be a fun and wonderful experience for the whole family. The animals offer an exciting view of the untamed world. There are many tours that are offered for families to enjoy and an abundance of safari activities. The whole family will enjoy the scenery and breathtaking waters and wildlife that African has to offer. Being able to travel to an African Safari with the entire family will offer a memorable experience. It is the type of trip that you would want to take on a regular basis. There is so much to see and enjoy the safari. It would take more than one trip, to take in all the wildlife that Africa contains.

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