The Chinese New Year is also regarded as the Spring Festival, and it is an essential Chinese festival that brings families together starting on January 28th and ending on February 2nd (official holiday). But is this the best time to travel to China? China is a big country and therefore each season has a place admirable of visiting. Every season has its ups and downs, but let’s see why you should travel during the Chinese New Year.

Experience Chinese traditional culture

During the Spring Festival, most places in China are crowded. But this does not hinder it from being the best time to visit. The Chinese New year is a good time of the year to experience the mainstay of Chinese culture. During the Chinese New year, a range of cultural activities are held in the parks and temples.

Reasonable travel prices

This is said to be the most over-capacity period in China, but it does come with its advantages. Most people tend to stay indoors because it’s a holiday period. However, a high number of people also travel all over China. Therefore, transport modes such as rail and bus tend to have regular or reduced travel prices.

Shopping promotions and tour guides

During the Chinese New Year season, there are lots of sales promotions throughout the shops, marketplaces and shopping malls. You will find most business closed from January 27-29th, but there will be tons of restaurants and tourist attractions that remain open during these days.

China’s tourism industry has expanded greatly over the last few years and it has lots to offer. You can find discounted tour guides to take you to your tourist destination or around the cities at any time by doing a quick online search.

What to see and places to visit in China

The Chinese New year falls in the winter season. The blanket of snow makes the country even more beautiful to see. Guangzhou, Beijing, Xian, and Pingyao are popular with real folk activities and are good places to visit to take in some of the culture. You can enjoy ice skating since it is a favorite activity at the lakes of Beijing.

Harbin is another important place to visit. It is where the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival takes place. Whimsical and highly structured ice sculptures in the shapes of buildings, plants, animals, or motifs taken from legends are some of the many winter sights to take in.


Just a couple traveler tips

If you are planning to travel to China during the New Year holiday, then these traveler tips will help you get around.

Avoid rail travel (and possibly bus terminals as well)

Even though we mentioned that rail travel can be the cheapest mode of transport during this period, keep in mind how crowded it may be. Many people are on the move during this time, and the trains are most likely to be congested.

Carry warm clothing with you

Even though other areas of China might be mild during the day and cold at night, remember to take warm clothing with you. Remember it is the winter season. This will help you to adjust to the temperatures accordingly.

If you are looking for a quieter experience…

Visit places such as the remote West and Southwest areas of Guizhou and Xinjiang provinces.

For more

Be sure to check out for some more tips and tricks for your China excursion

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