Many trips are made every day including school trips where people visit the game parks to see wild animals, but some people have discovered that road trips are the best and are leaving the idea of going to game parks by just driving on your way to create an adventure. A road trip is a long distance journey on the road. They are typically long distances travelled by automobiles. Road trips are the most exiting adventures people have found out on. People travel to different places for road trips and make them even more interesting. Most friends and families like going out on road trips to make themselves happy as other just have the curiosity of knowing how it feel while on a road trip. Most students prefer going with their fellow peers as they consider it more fun and enjoyable to have them around. The experience is good making people to want more and more road trips as they travel. People use cars, motorcycles and vans when there are many interested people.

Before going on a road trip you must make sure that your mode of transport is in good condition by checking the condition of belts and making sure the tiles are inflated to the proper pressure. Make sure you have an idea of the roads and the weather ahead before the main trip. You should also plan ahead on where you will refuel the vehicle, get refreshments and how long it will take in case of accidents or a traffic jam that are majorly on the roads. Stow the luggage properly so that it won’t move or even fly in case of a sudden stop. Have thing like passports, extra money for parking and a driving license for easy reach.

When going on a road trip you will require the following items; pack a plastic full of anti-bacterial, creams and pain reliever to treat trip aches, niches and scrapes in case of an accident or any small injuries that happen to us along the road, carry along travel games to prevent boredom and bring about some competitions. Carry disposable wet wipes as you will use them for every purpose including wiping sticky hands. Bring along electric chargers for charging phones. if you are travelling along with children carry a change of clothes for the inevitable leaks and spills. Pack enough snack to avoid many unnecessary stopovers. Cameras should be available for taking photos and any interesting photos that may create many memories, you should never forget to make arrangements on the mode of transport you are going to use as you may get stuck on your way either going or coming back, always remember to carry an umbrella in case of a heavy downpour on your way or a sudden change of the weather.

While on a road trip, you should obey traffic, you should be patient by not over speeding as you will actually reach your final destination. If you start feeling drowsy on the way stop and have a rest and let someone else. Ensure when you stop on a traffic busy street, leave some space in front and behind you to avoid unnecessary knocks. While stopping, stop in a traffic free safe place. Make sure you have your keys on hand before locking the vehicle and don’t just push the lock buttons and shut the door.

In case of a break down, turn off the engine and apply hand brakes, turn off the hazard warning lights if they are fitted, warn other traffics by using a triangle warning road sign to show that you have broken down. If you cannot fix the problem, call the police or the traffic authorities using a cell phone. If you have a flat tire travel very slowly to a roadside if there is no room for stopping.

Arranging for a road trip has never been easy but it becomes interesting when everything goes on well with all the arrangements done accordingly especially by making pre visits, you cannot arrange for a road trip in a single day and it ends up successful. Road trips should not just be arranged by anyone but responsible adults. Primary and secondary school children should leave out the idea of going on road trips as it will waste most of their learning time which will be used by leisure. Though road trips are fun but people should be very careful because either a fatal accident can occur or a highjack by thieves on the way.


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