Leonardo da Vinci claimed: “… if once in your life you flew by plane, by the end of your life you will walk the earth with eyes turned to the sky where you once were and where always want to return!” Da Vinci himself was never flying, because the genius was born too early for his time. However, if you are a true aviamaniac, welcome on board at the present moment!

Tell me, dear friends; for how much time does it take to go through the airport during preflight inspection? No, we don’t mean the one on the entrance to the airport. The inspection in the airport is carried out much more carefully in various airports worldwide, and under the frame you will run as long as the security officer is satisfied that you are absolutely safe for others, and pilot detector 🙂 In this article, we will give you tips how to pass through the airport without reducing speed. I often succeed, and I hope that happens to you too!

1. Go without metal

In order to travel for far distances, choose pants / jeans / shorts without belt and preferably without metallic elements. In case if the belt is a required element of your style, remove the belt and place it in a bag or backpack in advance. A metal belt buckle, without any exaggeration, can turn your trip into the hell while passing the registration. You cannot imagine how much metal can contain in the pockets of jeans and jackets. Cough tablets, chewing gum foil, a pair of coins, – all of which can together build up a critical mass to trigger the metal detector.

2. Avoid going illegal

Try not to keep the prohibited items in your baggage (I know, it looks like a chocolate bar in the user manual of the “may contain nuts”, but still read the information). Prohibited items include (you will be surprised!) not only weapons and drugs, but also any liquid in container volume of more than 100ml including lotions, shaving foam and aerosols. The total volume of all containers in hand luggage must not be more than a liter. So if you are traveling with a chic cream for hands / feet or other body parts put them in your luggage in advance.

3. Search for ticket booking systems

Before coming to the airport (preferably before some days), check your ticket at one of the reservation systems about the changes in the time of departure and the airport, as airlines do not always notify their clients or emails up to you can be lost on the road. The test can be carried out via the 4 reservation systems:

  • Amadeus
  • Galileo
  • Sabre
  • Siren

It’s necessary to enter your electronic ticket booking number and your last name. The most common code on the ticket comes in the form of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet from 6 characters or more. After entering, the system will display your data: the airport, the time, place, food. If there is something wrong and you catch the bug, then you need to contact the technical support of your airline.

4. Check out the terminal

We beg you to determine the departure terminal, as the majority of the world’s airports have several of them, and they can be located at a considerable distance from each other so as not to waste too much time searching. But if you follow our advice, and arrive at the airport early, it isn’t a problem – free shuttle between the terminals will smoothly carry you to the needed place.

5. Transit isn’t a headache anymore

If you fly by a transit, you should ask to have your luggage registered to the end point, while the transit city will not have to undergo the procedure again (in most cases this happens automatically, but anything can happen). In this case, you will receive a ticket number 2. The later you come to register, the less chance of getting where you want it (and better place to choose when buying a ticket in advance).

6. Punctuality is the kings’ virtue

Attention, please! The plane has nothing in common with the train, and you cannot jump into it right place close to the departure time. Keep in mind that before 20 minutes you will not be allowed on board!!! The announcement to land is difficult to miss, since it is usually announced over the loudspeaker. Adore the procedure of regular ticket checking, and head to the aircraft on the ramp, or go to the “shuttle-bass”

7. Keep your eyes on the plane before travel

Prior registration is better to help you clarify at what plane you fly. Firstly, it is important to understand, if you can take a small bag in board. Secondly, it is easy to find in advance scheme of seats in the cabin, and to select the desired location. From experience I can say that in Embraer ERJ145 I always prefer to choose a single place – legroom is more than enough!

8. Do you keep a secret code?

In the system of international transfers, all airports are encoded with three-digit code, with at least three letters. For example, the short code for Chopin airport in Warsaw is WAW, San Francisco International Airport – SFO etc. These codes are unique and no other owns the same code. Why do we need to know the codes of airports? The fact is that the reservation system work exclusively with these codes and helps you pass the airport quickly.

9. Money is power, and this is true!

We strongly recommend you to change the money before the airport. But if you aren’t so responsible, there are several exchange offices and ATMs where you can withdraw money at the airport. As a rule, such exchange isn’t the most profitable. $ 100-200 is a good sum for the first experience of traveling.

10. Where is your visa, sir?

Passport and visa control is carried out when flying abroad. Border staff just wants to make sure that you can leave the country and have a visa to the host country. When flying abroad, you go through the customs. In most cases, you need to go through the green channel – this means that you don’t have the things subject to customs declaration. If you are a guru in collecting rare things, welcome to the red channel.

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