If you’re on the edge of 30, you should necessarily ask yourself about the past travel experience and its influence on your current life. Recently, traveling should have become an inevitable part of your personal “list of development” (of course, if you have one!). The idea of the trip of the lifetime hasn’t passed away, so you will be involved into deep contemplations on how you lived before. So, are you ready to know more about the righteousness of your previous travel experience? Read on.

1. Accept loneliness with all your heart

Stepping off the plane in some strange country will cause you much worry, nervousness and feeling of loneliness. Do not panic – this conflicting range of emotions is the experience of all travelers at the beginning of their lifetime adventure. Soon you will start to receive the pleasure of being alone and incredible freedom.

2. Get rid of the power of things

The transition from a comfortable life in your own house to the trips by car or with a rucksack on your back after some time will allow you understand how great the power of things was over you. Things from inside the property cannot nullify any of the travel experiences. You will understand what is crucial in your life.

3. Understand that quality is better than quantity

We live in the world governed by numbers. The more numbers we own, the better we are. Calculations are present in everything: the number of friends on social networks, a tidy sum in the bank account, the number of floors in the highest skyscraper… Actually, this is the same with the number of places that you have visited. Spend three months in a strange city completely immersed in its culture and atmosphere and forget about the power of numbers.

4. Learn a new language

The awareness of how the world is really greater from the bubble you are living in will come only when you start to travel. For example, you will be able to communicate freely with only 12% of people in the world, if you know how to speak English. The best way to understand the remaining 88% is to learn another language. For instance, the knowledge of the Spanish increases your chances of being understood in the rest of the world as much in twice.

5. Learn to love and accept your personality

Traveling alone is the time that can be carried out by you. You will get a great opportunity to be alone with the innermost thoughts and feelings. This is not an easy test that would become a really valuable lesson. Stop worrying about what other people think about you – it takes too much effort. Focus on what you want, and just do it.

6. Home is where you are at the present moment

Here, the most important is to accept a famous quote: “Wherever you go, take yourself with you.” New habits will sooner or later make your personality change. Learn the local language, chat with the new people, and try national food. Do not be that person who follows the crowd of tourists everywhere.

7. Realize what is important for you…

You will hear a lot of exciting life stories from the people you meet on the way. Learn the incredible success stories (from the squalid rags t Undeniable Wealth) about the deadly disease of insurmountable difficulties … the list would go on forever. Think what stories you are able to tell. In addition, travel time will allow you understand who is crucial in your life. We often burden us with intimacy, and relations we do not need: neighbors, colleagues, friends… Rid yourself and check the distance relationship.

8. Take the phone away

There is something magical about riding in a totally unfamiliar city. When we travel, we become more receptive to the things happening around. Do not allow the phone to break the magic. Take it away.

9. Be strange

Life is too short to exist only in the framework of what the most people consider acceptable and permissible. Do not be predictable and do not do what everybody is expecting from you. Unleash the weird side, which everyone has. Take a chance.

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