Now those who have been in the airplane can tell you much about what happens when in flight some can be true and others myth, so this article is to clarify on some issues which over a long period of time people thought it was true. No more fear to be on a plane because of nothing but myth. Here are some of the myths.

Myth: Human waste dumped while flying

Okay this one took time for me to digest, I always thought that plane dumped human waste when flying in fact it occurred immediately when one pooped. But the truth is, there are tanks that hold waste until it lands. The staff empties it. Gross, right? I think they are strong enough to do so. There would be many dangers if the human waste were just dumped including destroying the engines.

Myth: The door can be opened

No, it’s not possible; I know you have watched enough movies to believe so. There is no way you can open the door at least by hand. When the plane is pressurized the door lock against the fuselage. You will end up needing a hydraulic jack to open it, which is not allowed in the plane.

Myth: One hole in a plane would lead to a crash

I have always thought this was true; one hole on the plan would lead to the plane crushing. But it is not quite true this is because it all depends on the size of the hole, and the pressure emitted and also the cause. A hole caused by a bomb would definitely lead to destruction while a small hole would be very manageable and there would be no need to worry.

Myth: People getting stuck in toilets

I have heard of such stories and to make it clear it is just a myth. For you to get stuck you must form a perfect seal for the toilet the same the cork seals the wine bottle. Which I believe it would be crazy to do so. Other than that it is impossible.

Myth: Cell phones affecting the airplane wireless transmitters

The reason phones are switched off during the flight is because the FAA believes in being safe than sorry. The cellphones do not interfere with the wireless transmission and that’s why the cell phones are allowed to be on when you have landed or before takeoff. The fact is an airplane electronic system is heavily shielded making it hard or difficult to interfere with.

Myth: Intoxication of the oxygen mask

Logically it is impossible unless one has contaminated it. There is importance in using oxygen masks when the pilot bring plane to an altitude which is safe to breathe normally. If the plane has no steady cabin pressure, the air is thin and oxygen is insufficient, this will make people pass out leading to a tragic. Please use the oxygen mask.

Myth: Flights are more expensive

On contrary, Flying is getting much cheaper. There was a time when one boarded an airplane and they seemed wealthy. Now, many people can access the airplane because of the low cost. The average cost of an airline ticket has declined about 50% over the 3 decades.

Myth: With autopilot, there is no need of a pilot

Well, autopilot can be misunderstood it only means it makes certain tasks easier and safer. This does not mean there is no need of a pilot and copilot.99 % landing and 100% takeoff are still performed manually and it needs an actual pilot to do so. Most of the time autopilot is safe when on the right cabin pressure.

Myth: Intoxication when in the plane

Many people tend to get nauseated within the plan and justify by saying it is because of being on 5000 – 8000 ft. above sea level. This is not the case it depends on the passenger intake and nothing to do with altitude or pressure.

Myth: Corpse compartment in the plane

This could be true if it was said some years back; this is because of the Singapore airlines fleet that flew between Singapore and Newark until 2013. They did actually have corpse compartment. But it is not allowed anymore. I tend to think the presence of the corpse compartment would have led to death. Yes, I know. It is a myth, but it’s better without the corpse compartment.

Well here are some of the myths clarified and there is no need to worry about such scenarios, because it is all catered for.