1. Chicago

With buildings such as the Aqua Tower, The poetry Foundation, The Hancock tower and the Robie House, Chicago is a dazzling city. One can’t get enough of starring at the wonderful pieces of architecture. The city boasts having the tallest building in the United States, the Aqua tower, which was designed by woman architect. The streets of the city are not too packed and one would have a good time starring at the buildings while walking along the alleys. Its skyscrapers are not as high though but being leaves one not feeling like leaving it.

2. New York City

The Empire State building comes to one’s mind when they hear of this lovely city. It is thought to be one of the seven wonders of the modern world as it has been craft-fully and beautifully designed. Made using beautifully combined dark and grey bricks is the Chrysler building that has 77 floors. The statue of liberty is not to be forgotten as it stands out on its own and anyone who visits New York would love to see it. Other magnificent structures include St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Brooklyn Bridge.

3. Washington D.C


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The U.S treasury building is a piece of beautiful architecture having been burnt and rebuilt up to 5 times. The Jefferson Memorial is a structure one should definitely see at night. The area also has a national mall, which is not a place to shop but a 146 acre stretch lawn meant for hosting festivals and many other events. Other nice buildings include the Capitol building, the Washington monument and finally, the white house, which serves as a home to the president. Any tourist in the area should not also miss the Martin Luther Memorial.

4. Detroit

Fox Detroit

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Having impressive buildings such as the Guardian Building, Fisher Building, the Fox Theatre and the Michigan Central Station, Detroit is a beautiful city defined by these beautiful architectural designs. The Michigan Central Station can’t be toured though but still remains iconic. The fox theatre is a place any person in Detroit ought to visit. Over 90% of the Fisher building has been completely made of marble and granite and the Guardian skyscraper building has a classic unique design and is a favorite stop among guests.

5. Los Angeles


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The theme building is the first building that will strike one upon flying into the town. Its exterior design is beautiful and it also has an elegant interior. Designed to look like a sailing ship is the Frank Gehry Walt Disney Concert Hall and an amazing thing about it is that it has staircases allover it that allows one to climb all round it. Other nice breathtaking structures include The Broad, The Peterson Automotive Museum, The Richard Meier’s Getty center and The Capitol Records buildings.

6. Boston

Some of the best architectural designs in this area include the Art of Americas Wing at the Museum of Fine Arts, the Community Rowing Boathouse, the Boston City Hall, Hancock place, MIT chapel, Media lab, the Stata Center among many more. The Massachusetts state house stands tall as one of the best structures in the area.

7. Philadelphia

The county’s first skyscraper was built in Philadelphia and since then, a lot of exciting architectural designs have been established in the area. The famous metropolitan Opera house is one of the area’s renowned buildings. A big building built without a single steel frame, the Philadelphia city hall is an excellent piece of architecture that the city boasts of. The Esherick house that was built to be lit by the sun and designed to reflect light to all areas of the building is also a stand out structure in the region. Others include the eastern state penitentiary, the liberty place and Philadelphia’s first row houses.

8. New Orleans

With skyscrapers such as the 1010 Common building, the 1250 Poydras Plaza and the Tidewater building, the city of New Orleans has many incredible buildings that one ought to see. The Mercedes-Benz superdome building takes the shape of a dome and is considered the largest dome shaped building in the world. The New Orleans museum of art takes the crown with a unique new-classic design that sees most tourists yearning to visit it.



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