Wanderlust is like a virus, and once you catch it, there’s only one cure: Traveling. Tragically though, traveling requires money, and boosting your finances mean getting a job. Because of this, travel is just an ultra-packed two-week itinerary once every year for those in well-established careers. This isn’t bad for homebodies out there, but what if you want a job which enables trips abroad?

Luckily, several options exist for those who want a career that meshes well with their wanderlust. Some of these involve catching flights at the behest and expense of your company. Others involve telecommuting, or even asking around for a gig. Most of them require hard work and dedication to break into, but the privilege is well worth the effort. If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to enter a travel-heavy career, scroll down below to see which one suits you best.

Business Consultant

career businessBusiness consultants are hired by firms looking to improve the profitability and function of their business. Whether this aid comes by way of marketing help, human resources management, or accounting assessment, it’s the duty of business consultants to provide solutions, and target any weaknesses. A bachelor’s degree is generally all that’s required, but coming equip with your own entrepreneurial experience, and possibly a master’s degree, helps to draw the attention of large businesses. And it’s these very businesses that will pay you to spend months in their local city in exchange for your expertise. Initially, you may be whisked off to less than desirable locales and working under immense pressure, i.e. cramming in last minute PowerPoint’s mid-flight. But work hard, and build up a repertoire with each client, and soon enough you’ll have work waiting for you all across the globe.


Let’s get one thing straight. Don’t count on any bar owner paying you to mix a Manhattan at any bar except the one you’re working at in Manhattan. But while bartending doesn’t enable travel directly, having a license and relevant work experience can be an excellent asset wherever you are. Alcohol is a cultural staple in many countries, and where there are drinks, there are street corner bars with thirsty patrons. You’d be amazed at how many owners are willing to give you some overcrowded Saturday nights just at the mere mention of your profession. You won’t be on an official payroll, so expect hard cash under the table. A great way to scrounge up extra cash as you bounce from town to town. Just be aware of the local authorities’ tolerance for working without a visa. Consider looking into holiday work visas for reliable, legal work instead, and save yourself the threat of detention.

Cruise Line Worker

Carnival Cruise Ship Cruises are meant to meld travel with complete luxury and relaxation. As a cruise line worker, you’ll do your best to enable each passenger to leave their stresses and worries behind at their port of origin. These jobs are highly prized, so you’ll be running into stiff competition even though a degree isn’t required. In fact, your coworkers will likely be seasoned travelers themselves as cruise ships hire from all over the world. Many major cruise lines drop anchor at foreign harbors for several hours each day, giving workers a taste of different cultures. It’s a great way to scope out longer term vacation destinations firsthand. Plus, food and accommodation is typically covered by your company on cruises so it’s a great way to save money mid-travel if you can snag a job.

Travel Writer/Photographer

career travelA career that literally pays based on the ability to capture your trip’s greatest moments via pen and lens. These two careers can either be done through freelancing, or through working for a major publication. You might be asked to hit up a particular country to cover an upcoming cultural festival for the latter, while the former involves pitching ideas to potential clients based on where you’re currently located. The writing and photography aspects often overlap as projects may require high definition images to enhance your write-up of each location’s nature hikes or exotic eats. It really depends on the platform you work for since many a travel blog, magazine, guidebook, or advertisement could use the photos and text you provide. Making it in the travel industry takes years of hard work, and you’ll often be roughing it to get the story you need, but the experience visiting strange new lands is a reward in and of itself.

Freelance Writers, Designers, And Programmers

career freelanceFreelancers in these areas can carry work in their laptops wherever they go. Finding the proper traveling laptop to suit your profession is especially important for these travelers. The only real traveling handicap they face lies in finding reliable Wi-Fi hotspots for Skype calls with clients or turning in finished projects over email. That accounted for, it’s entirely plausible to be constructing a website from scratch or writing copy for ads while lounging on the white sand beaches of Playa Del Carmen. A common strategy involves living in inexpensive countries while working with clients in wealthier locales. This is both a great way to make a killing for veterans, and perfect for those trying to build an awesome portfolio and break into the industry.

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