There are many imperative apps for travelers, but most relate to traveling on the macro scale; i.e. flights, booking services, or wilderness guides. It’s trickier to find the apps that shine most when you’re visiting a new city. Should you make use of them, you’ll be floating through the sights and sounds of your fresh urban digs as if you’ve lived there your whole life. Waste not a minute further in feeling dazed and bewildered in new cities, and get the best travel apps to navigate them.


Google Maps is great for learning the basic lay of the land and perhaps finding routes, assuming you’re already good with directions. But where Google Maps stops, City Mapper plunges ahead with deeper features like a better trip planner. It deftly incorporates all modes of transport like buses, trains, cars, taxis, even Ubers when formulating your quickest route. The interface allows you to customize each map to your liking and gives live updates on all public transport options.


Now, even city planner has its limits if, say, you’re gearing up for the best bike trails around the city. Maplets let you download all kinds of specialized maps. They could be transport based like metro maps, or razor-focused on day trip locales like museum or theme park maps. There’re even painfully specific ones like how to get to the airport from the east side burger joint. Whether you’ll need them or not, they’re all stored on your phone so there’s no need for Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Finder

Although if you do need Wi-Fi, well, there’s an app for that. With this, your days of frantically running about for a signal are over. The app scans the area for hotspots and gives details about it, like what kind of business it belongs to, and whether it’s free or not. It currently has over half a million spots registered across 144 countries, so it’s quite reliable in most major cities.


When you need cash fast, All Point will direct you its 55,000 ATM locations around the states, Mexico, Australia, and the UK. The ATMs in its directory are all surcharge-free as well, meaning you’ll only be paying a fee to your own bank, and not an extra one to commercial banks. Great for avoiding ATMs in sketchy neighborhoods as well.


Many apps already exist that categorize restaurants and point you towards their door, but Foodspotting surpasses them all by recommending individual dishes. So, say you’re in the mood for alfredo pasta. You’ve found the city’s Italian restaurants, but you’re not sure which one has the tastiest alfredo sauce. With Foodspotting, you can directly search for the pasta itself and see pictures of it posted by other users. It’s second only to having a hip local tug you about to the town’s sweetest eats.

Gas Buddy

All around handy for snagging the best gas prices on American road trips, its also shines should you wander into dense metropolitan areas. Since gas stations can be few and far between in urban centers, the last thing you need is to lose your way lurking the grid. Plus, gas stations are a great source for public bathrooms. They may not be the prettiest, but Gas Buddy will make sure you make it when you gotta go.

Sit Or Squat


Speaking of which, you can never be too careful about ensuring there’s a bathroom nearby. Aside from gas stations, it picks up public bathrooms in malls, train stations, parks, you name it. Each entry comes with pictures and labels for specialized uses such as handicap stalls, baby changing tables, or if the toilets come with a fee. There’s even reviews so you can rest assured you’ll be going in peace.

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