1. Thailand

The north of Thailand doesn’t miss on any list about areas that are affordable to travel to. At just around 4 dollars, you can get a really nice room to crash in. Thai food is definitely known to be diverse and mouthwatering. One is therefore guaranteed a really experience in this place. One can limit his\her transport means to the popular tuk-tuks, which are cheap. It has Buddhist temples one can visit, beautiful nature for caving, rafting and trekking.

2. China


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China is known to be rich in preserved history and its culture. And for lovers of food, then China is the place to be, more specifically, Xi’an. The city has managed to remain pocket friendly as compared to Beijing and Shanghai. Its city walls that stretch over very long distances have remained intact and form a beautiful view. Cabs and busses can be used for as little as $1. The food there is amazing and cheap too as one can get hand pooled noodles and many other Chinese delicacies in the price range of $1 to $4.

3. India


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This majestic country never ceases to amaze anyone who has been there. The place is full of life and the buzzing city life is something one should experience. One should be able to utilize his/her dollar to the maximum, as things can’t get any cheaper here. A plate of food should cost about less than a dollar. A dollar on food will leave one wanting no more. India’s culture is quite interesting too and one would not regret heading there for the holidays.

4. Vietnam

This is a travel destination many would like to go but think is expensive. Contrary to this belief, this is one of the cheapest places to be in. The eye-catching sights are so awesome that one would wonder why they aren’t expensive. The war museums are a perfect place to visit not forgetting the rice terraces, traditional villages, its magnificent food and the buzzing street life. A dorm room can cost as little as $7 a night. This is certainly worth it.

5. Laos

A respectable room where one can comfortably crash in can be found for just $10 in Laos. The prices range to about $30 for really luxurious rooms. The place is known for the fan activities one can take while there which include mountain climbing as the place has beautiful mountains, Buddhist monasteries that one can visit and also tubing parties in rivers. The tubing parties involve stopping at bars and restaurants that are affordable along the way.

6. Turkey

This region, especially the Thrace region, is less visited but is worth any explorer’s attention. The region stretches from Istanbul to North West of the country. Anyone touring this region will definitely have experienced most of the country, including cultures of Bulgaria and Greece. For lovers of wine, this may be the place to be as wine making is a popular thing here. The prices of accommodation and transport are surely pocket friendly.

7. Malaysia

Anyone who has visited George Town in Malaysia has the tale of how diverse their food is. One would think that starting to sample and taste each food would be expensive but the contrary is true. With between $2 to $3, one can end up tasting a dozen of foods and add fresh juice to the meal. Accommodation is not a big issue as it is cheap.

8. Spain


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Galicia and Barcelona are places anyone would love to be in. Galicia may be the last frontier in Spain. Its practices and traditions have managed to remain intact up to date and the food around is fresh and one would have an easy time cheaply buying small portions while food tasting. In Barcelona, one can live the mighty life with little and is known to be one of the biggest cities, which is affordable. The Mediterranean waters are a scene one should definitely see when there. Gaudi’s architecture and Park Guell are also places one should visit.

9. Cambodia


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Visit the beaches and islands in Cambodia and you will undoubtedly go back home with no regrets. The beautiful scenery leaves one relaxed and is stress relieving. Other places one can visit include the Temples of Angkor and the war museums in Phnom, all this at affordable prices. Respectable rooms can be found at the price range of $3 to $5. Transport is convenient although the transport infrastructure is a little bit off but hey!! You will surely shrug this off.

10. Indonesia


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The most interesting part about this destination is that a full dinner should typically cost one about $1. This is not to mention the really pocket friendly hotel rooms that have the travel spike that one needs. The place is rich in culture and one should really enjoy his/her trip there. The people around are friendly and finding one’s way about should be a walk in the park.

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