A mountain is a landform projecting above the land surface in form of a peak; it is much taller than a hill. Located in the Himalaya mountain region, Mt. Everest is the largest mountain in the world. It towers at an astounding height of 8850 meters, (29035 feet) above the sea level. In this article however we will not look at the size; we will focus on the beauty.

1. Matterhorn, Switzerland

The steep peak and the unpredictable weather make Matterhorn a dangerous climb but its beauty is unquestionable. The dramatic weather and the element of danger to climbers add to its allure; it presents climbers with a challenge. Its beauty and features stand out making it easy to identify.

2. Alaska


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Towering at 20,320 feet above the landscape the tremendous Alaska dominates a skyline like no other. It is one of the most awesome sights in Denali, Alaska flocked with tourists. It might not have the highest of peaks but it has an array of beautifully curved landforms that merge to create a breath-taking view to behold. The astounding view of its pictures is simply humbling.

3. Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Having no other visible peaks in the area the Tre Cime di Lavaredo three-peaked beauty stand majestically in the Italian Alps. It is characterized by three dolomites. The tallest dolomite is 9,836 feet and was first ascended in 1869. These peaks can be easily accessed via a number of routes.

4. Kirkjufell, Iceland

Kirkjufell mountain

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It is characterized with its horizontal profile rather than its vertical profile. It is neither huge nor tall. Its beauty is derived from the visibly well-organized lines of sediment layers. These lines are pronounced, orderly and give the mountain a sculptured recognizable look. Its smooth and even base creates a magnificent symmetrical appearance. This architectural beauty stands out in the whole of Iceland attracting a vast number of tourists.

5. Table Mountain, South Africa

Table Mountain South Africa

Rising against the sea and echoing the strong horizontal of the ocean; the Table Mountain of South Africa has a unique recognizable peak like no other. Just like the Kirkjufell it has a horizontal peak, which does not reach particularly high.

6. Ama Dablam


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Rising to a soaring altitude of 22,467ft peak in eastern Nepal Ama Dablam Mountain is often referred to as “Matterhorn of the Himalayas”. Ama Dablam means “Mother’s Necklace”. It has number of sharply contrasting, surprising angles in the rock. Gil Bishop and Ward first climbed it in the year 1961 and survivalist and TV adventurer Bear Grylls became the youngest Brit to conquer it in 1997. Its very own name speaks for itself; it is unquestionably a beautiful sight in Nepal.

7. Mount Eiger, Switzerland

Its rock face is quite challenging to scale, and many climbers have perished in the attempt. That however does not make the mountain any less appealing. It stands tall and majestic with a sprouting imposing awesome look. This peak in the Swiss Alps was first summited in 1858, but no one completed the toughest ascent, until July 24, 1938 Anderl Heckmar hacked it from the northern side.

8. Machapuchare, Himalayas


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Mount Machapuchare, Nepal is off-limits to climbers, due to its religious importance; it is notable for its double summit that resembles the tail of a fish and has an elevation of 6,993m. First ascent: none recorded. Covered in snow the “black fish” has a very recognizable sheer, steep curved face on one side that plunges downward. It is quite a magnificent view.

9. The Spectre, Antarctica


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The mountain is named after its tallest and most striking peak ‘The Spectre’. The mountain (also known as the “Organ Pipe Peaks”), projects from relatively flat, snow-covered surroundings. The view is only complete when viewed as a whole to show how they blend to form a dramatic, beautiful, and perfect scene.

10. Mauna Loa, Hawaii


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Mauna Loa not only rises 9,168 meters from the seafloor – placing it in the top 10 in the solar system – but is also the largest volcano on the planet. It covers 5,271 square kilometers and half of the Big Island

The one thing about beauty is that it has no specific point of reference. A physical features are uniquely magnificent and upon the beholder to make the verdict. Whereas the above list contains marvelous icons of nature there are many more beautiful mountains that did not make it to the list. These mountains include:

Alpamayo, Peru

Cerro Torre, Argentina

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Half Dome, California

Mount Damavand, Iran

Stetind, Norway

Licancabur, Chile/Bolivia

Laila Peak, Pakistan

Mount Kailash, China

El Capitan, USA

Benbulben, Ireland

Mount Fitz Roy, Chile/Argentina

The Black Cuillin, Scotland

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