Air Canada Rouge kicked off its operation on 1st July 2013, coming as a wholly owned subsidiary of Air Canada. The airline offers competitively priced travel experiences to its passengers. It also operates around exciting leisure destinations in Europe for example Edinburg, Athens, and Venice, then covers additional Caribbean destinations like Cuba, Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

According to, the airline’s official website, the fleet is made up of 34 aircraft; 20 Airbuses A319-100s, an Airbus A321-200, and 13 Boeing 767-300ERs. All jets are configured with Premium rouge and rouge seating, maintaining Air Canada’s reputation for safety, reliability and an over 30 years of history in vacation travel excellence.

Read on to understand more about Air Canada Rouge

1. Landing Cards With Flight Numbers

Air Canada Rouge hands over landing cards to its passengers upon arriving at the destination. The landing cards have a flight number written on them on landing cards, just to comply with the Canadian immigration rules.

It may surprise first-time users of this airline, but it should not be something to worry about, as the landing card are used for security and safety reasons on the passenger and airline.

2. Premium Rouge

Air Canada Rouge has a Premium Rouge fleet of 20 Airbus 319 aircraft. With this, passengers enjoy a large cabin which has large side-by-side seats in a two by two configuration. The settings allow passengers to feel comfortable with themselves as there are an extra 7 inches between each seat, compared to using Air Canada rouge’s Boeing 767 aircraft.

Passengers can check in with two bags, weighing less than 32 kilograms each. They can also indulge in premium meals and non-alcoholic drinks while charging their electric devices to full power using an 110-volt power plug and a high-powered USB port on each seat.

3. Savour on Food and Non-Alcoholic Drinks Onboard

Air Canada Rouge allows passengers to make purchases of both hot and cold foods, including pizza and non-alcoholic beverages onboard. However, if your destination happens to be Europe, you will enjoy complimentary meals and non-alcoholic drinks.

4. Tighter Coach Seats

If you happen to be flying on rouge’s A319 coach, you will notice the seats are a little tighter compared to other airlines across America. A319s are configured with three by three seating allowing only 29 inches of pitch.

For example, American Airlines offers 30”, United has 31”, Virgin America has 32”, and regular Air Canada has between 31-35″ of a pitch. A competitive edge comes in the 18-inch wide seats that are broader than those of airlines mentioned above.

5. Some Rouge Planes Have No Electrical Outlets

Some Rouge planes are not fitted with electrical or USB outlets where passengers can charge their smart devices. Therefore, it is advisable to have their laptops, phones and tablets fully charged before getting onboard.

However, to reduce boredom, each seat has Air Canada’s award winning enRoute magazine, featuring internationally known writers and editors, not forgetting works of renowned photographers and illustrators.

6. Rent an iPad

For unknown reasons, you may not own a tablet or have forgotten yours at home in the travel. Whatever the reason, you need not worry as Air Canada Rouge allows you to rent an iPad onboard for USD 10. Note that the iPads come preloaded with extra content in the first place.

However, if you happen to be in Premium Rouge, iPads are given for free after takeoff. For your convenience, bring along your iPad as most of them run out before the flight attendants get to the far end of the plane.

7. Air Canada Rouge lacks Built-in Entertainment Systems

Surprisingly, Air Canada Rouge has no seatback entertainment systems. However, passengers are notified beforehand on the absences of this and are advised to use an in-flight entertainment system which works by first downloading the free Air Canada Rouge app from Apple App Store for Apple device and Google Play Store for Android systems before flying.

With the player, you can stream music and movies. If you intend to use your laptop, ensure the Adobe Flash Player is updated.

8. Refurbished Aircraft

If you are expecting a brand spanking Air Canada Rouge planes, then this may catch you by surprise as the airline has only many converted Air Canada planes to its fleet. They have only been restyled inside and out, with the interior consisting of new charcoal and burgundy cabins, featuring new Slimline seats with a streamlined profile. There are branding accents throughout the cabin on the bulkheads, curtains and onboard service elements such as tray liners on Premium Rouge.

As for the exterior, the aircraft have a sporty, sleek white, red and burgundy livery that clearly establishes Air Canada Rouge showing that they are part of the Air Canada. Such a close resemblance between the two airlines shows reliability and trustworthiness, making Air Canada a name and iconic brand representing Canada.

9. Cool Crew and Excellent Uniforms

Most Air Canada Rouge flight attendants are young and attractive. They pay attention to details, for example, if you are traveling with small children, ensuring they feel comfortable as possible.

Flight attendants dress in their sporting funky uniforms which include a gray pinstriped trilby hat. It is an excellent look, designed by Maybelline and Redken. The crew’s burgundy Fluevog shoes that complement their looks were manufactured by Fluevog Shoes, based in Canada.

10. Share Check-ins with Air Canada

Although Air Canada Rouge is a wholly owned subsidiary, some of the facilities such as check-ins are shared with its parent company, Air Canada. Most customers of this airline have complained about chaotic check-ins and poorly coordinated boarding processes, and we remain hopeful that there will be designated priority lines soon enough.

According to the airline’s official website, flying in Air Canada Rouge allows passengers to enjoy the Aeroplan rewards program thoroughly. Passengers can enjoy non-status miles on Tango, Tango Plus and Latitude fares which reward customers’ loyalty. Air Canada rouge assures its clients of easy and leisure travel when getting to and from a vacation destination in Europe of the Caribbean.

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