There’s something to be said for avoiding chains in any market, opting to grace private businesses with your presence instead. But when chains reach a certain level of lavishness, like these hotel chains have, you can’t be shamed for relying on them for a true luxury experience. The business portfolio of these companies bespeaks of high-quality hospitality and accommodations, additionally guaranteed by the slew of awards each carry. You’ll know you’re getting the best when you’re staying at one of these luxurious hotel chains.


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The Ritz-Carlton company was founded by none other than the “king of hoteliers” himself, Cesar Ritz. The early nineteen hundreds saw the Ritz dominating Paris’s hotel scene, and the Carlton topping London’s sales. The names eventually merged when the lavish hotel chain reached North American shores, New York specifically, in 1911. It’s since become a subsidiary of Mariott International.

JW Mariott

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Speaking of which, the JW Mariott is another prestigious brand owned by Mariott International. With a jump of 11 hotels from 2012 to 2015, the Mariott now has 75 properties under its wing without signs of slowing down. JW Mariott expands on typical 5-star amenities by providing gorgeous spa and pool areas. The most visually stunning include Chicago’s spider dome swimming pool and the health resort island set afloat the Desert Rose location’s lake.

Shangri-La Hotels

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Revered for its strong commitment to hospitality, Shangri-La has won countless awards for excellence since its first hotel opened in 1971. Hong Kong-based but with 111 hotels spread across Asia, Oceania, Europe, and Canada, the name is recognized internationally(except in the U.S.). The most popular incarnation resides in London’s Shard building, hosting GŎNG—a triple-tiered sky bar—on its 53rd floor.

Four Seasons Hotels And Resorts

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You’ll never see as many shades of luxury as you will with the Four Seasons brand. Their properties are sold out to private contractors who have free reign over the operation. Rights are still reserved for certain touches, but the property owners each put their own local spin on the hotel’s famously regal accommodations. With hotels spanning every continent but Antarctica, you’d never imagine they sat at the brink of bankruptcy in 1974.

Banyan Tree

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Banyan Tree is unheard of in the West since it lacks any locations in Europe or the United States, although Mexico happens to hold two such properties. Their original property was built atop a tin mine which poisoned the local environment, prompting Banyan Tree holdings to plant thousands of trees throughout their land, hence the name. They now spread environmental awareness and activism through their others hotels across all of Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Mandarin Oriental Hotels

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The allure of their immense luxury accommodations is bolstered further by an effective ad campaign centered around celebrity endorsements. Many actors and actresses like Lucy Liu, Kevin Spacey, and even Morgan Freeman frequent these establishments. 41 hotels strong, they’re distinguished from competitors through Asian style spas which blend treatments from the East and the West. They can be found in most many Asian and European capitals as well as Boston, New York, Las Vegas, and Miami.


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Rosewood features 19 properties spread across 11 countries. They’re all self-titled except for their most famous one, The Carlyle, in New York. Their 11 hotels have won numerous “Relationship Hospitality” awards. Their resorts are fully equipped with golf courses, yacht clubs, and dive sites. Each resort even gives visitors the option to stay in villas adorned with beachside views and private swimming pools.

Best Western International

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Having taken over the hotelier scene in America for 68 years, and 37 in Europe, Best Western has started rapidly expanding throughout Asia, the Middle East, Mexico, and Australia. It’s technically the world’s largest family with 4,100 properties, but it’s the Western Premier brand that provides the most lavish amenities. Recent years have seen prolific expansion into unexpected territory with Yangon, Myanmar being the most notable.

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