1.Statue of Liberty

You’ve seen this iconic statue in hundreds of movies throughout your childhood and adult life. Do yourself a favor and take a ferry past liberty island to lay your eyes on this historic site or visit the island itself and check it off your list.


2.Central Park 


This wonderful park spreading over 800 acres is full of greenery and paths that will allow you to take in some of the sites of the city along with the beautiful high rise buildings surrounding it.


3.Empire State Building


This 102 floor skyscraper is one that you will regret missing…and it will be hard to miss due to its daunting height. Take a lift up to the observation deck on the 86th floor to get a 360 degree view of the city. This deck has an open area allowing you to witness some of the other must see spots on this list.


4.Times Square


This pinnacle of New York City is home to the annual ball drop and has been the backdrop for another slew of movies throughout the years. It’ll be busy, but don’t miss the chance to see the beehive of activity at this legendary attraction.


5.Broadway Theater


You may have heard of famous actors taking their swing at a Broadway show or maybe one of your friends has dreamed about starring on Broadway. Either way, for a nighttime excursion don’t forget to take in a show or three when visiting the Big Apple.


6.Coney Island


A definite must see is the playground for the people. Brooklyn’s famous amusement park is best to visit in the Spring and Summertime and has everything your family needs from magic shows to museums, and a few rides in between. Do not leave without taking on spin on the famous Wonder Wheel.


7.Brooklyn Bridge


Artists have painted it and movies have featured it. This 1825 meter suspension bridge is a favorite tourist attraction to take a walk across (about a half hour walk). This bridge has been around since 1883 and connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. This is a worthwhile retreat to take a look at the East River while taking in a truly phenomenal tourist experience.


8.Brooklyn Zoo


This animal sanctuary is one of the largest in the country. Spanning about 265 acres and harboring almost 700 species of animals, if you want something to do for a few hours this is the spot to visit.


9.Grand Central Station


Located in Manhattan, this commuter hub covers almost 50 acres and is another site to check of your list as you hit all the major attractions on your trip. Make your way to the main concourse at the heart and center of the station and take in the sites of the old ticket booths and large four faced brass clock. Take a look at the exterior to see the famous sculptures of Hercules, Mercury and more.


10.National September 11 Memorial & Museum


Set within the site of the original twin towers, this memorial allows us to reflect and admire the bravery and sacrifice that took place in history. The names of each and every person who died during the attacks are surrounding the twin memorial pools. The rebuilding of this site is an important location to visit and pay your respects.

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