Why would anybody expect the menu to offer meatless burgers at the popular West Coast fast-food chain?

Not interested in numerous orders of French fries or buns with only cheese, an organization called “The Great-Meals Institute” is battling to make In N Out more nutritious and less meaty.

A petition of over 25,000 signatures was started on Change.org, tackled to In N Out execs, to get a vegetarian hamburger on the menu.

The request asserts that In N Out is allowing customers down by:

“…neglecting to serve anything that would satisfy a burger-loving client who desires a healthful, humane, and sustainable option.”

The thing is that In N Out’s menu continues to be about for decades. They really haven’t changed anything since then, and they should not have to now. Like creating a brand new grill and process only to prepare the patties cumbersome adjustments produces some changes that are odd and unnecessary.

There are tons of spots it is possible to visit that offers them if you want meatless choices. Your request even lists those hateful pounds.

In-N-Out has yet to respond to the steadily growing request. We are gonna go ahead and catch a fat Double Double for lunch while we see the petition numbers climb.