China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport introduced three female-only security lines at its terminals.

The lines, which are differentiated by pink mark, are intended to protect “the seclusion of female passengers and help them avoid the humiliation to be assessed by security guards that were male,” according to China Daily.

Women perform security checks in these lines and designed to manage the security mishaps that frequently plague women. We generally remind them to prepare in advance for security tests, and women often “bring more articles to board planes,” one security officer told China Daily.

The lines are estimated to help women get through security up to 15 percent quicker. They are also more efficient for the airport: Officials estimate that the female-only lanes can process 150 passengers per hour, while lines with all passengers procedure 130-150.

China’s Shanghai airport has a guys-only line alongside the women-only. It is estimated to process passengers that were male 10 to 15 percent quicker.

Children with their mothers will be able to use the women-only line, no matter their sex. However, there’s on if your transgender passenger or one who identifies outside of the binary will manage to use to pink lines no explanation.

Earlier this year, the lines were introduced in some of the terminals in Kunming, Shenzhen and Wuhan states at Beijing International Airport and airports.