Use of antibiotics in have been a hot button subject over the last few years, and while some eateries like Chipotle and Subway have made huge jumps in removing it from their meat, there are lots of big names, like Starbucks and Jack in the Box, who never have addressed the problem, earning themselves an “F” mark in a recent report.

For the second-straight year, they were, subsequently rated by a group of five consumer, environmental, and public health groups studied the top 25 fast food and casual eateries in the US with a school fashion rating process.

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antibioticgradesOut of all the restaurants examined, just Panera Bread and Chipotle received “A” mark, while 16 of our favourite eateries received strong “F” scores.

These eateries have either not reduced their use of antibiotics in meat, or never have been clear about their antibiotic policies to get such low scores.

While antibiotics are OK to treat sick livestock the report said, they may be frequently abused prevent a disorder from their poor living conditions, and in order to make the animal gain weight quicker.

Little by little, eateries have been making changes. McDonald ‘s changed their McNugget recipe up to remove antibiotics.

We can just expect to see less of our favourite eateries in that declining, dark red part of the scorecard.