The connotation of ‘travel watch’ isn’t a declaration of specific purposes or functions. Unlike diving or pilot’s watches, a travel watch doesn’t carve out any hard-lined set of criteria. The reason being that travel watches fill in the diverse needs of each traveler.

Since you can’t lug around your whole timepiece collection abroad, reliability is the key word here. A watch to shine off those jealous leers during a business meeting while tracking the timezone for the next destination may be optimal. Others purely desire utility for their Himalayan hiking escapade. Whatever flavor your trip takes, you’re sure to find a watch below to suit your style.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time

watch patekvia
The “Travel Time” series by Patek Philippe cracks the seeming paradox of luxury aesthetics versus a chameleon blend into casual settings. The white gold frame embodies a spruce blue dial which evokes professionalism, minus the attention of thieving eyes. The finishing touch, a brown calf leather strap, makes this an acceptable piece for business attire and scrubs alike.

“Travel Time” lives up to its namesake through dual time zone tracking; measuring both home and local time. The time pushers move in one hour increments for simple adjustments when crossing hemispheres. A stellar timepiece for travelers craving the Patek Philippe prestige in form of a coy yet self-assured pilot’s watch.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT

watch seamaster
Your “jack of all trades” won’t be found here as the Seamaster’s admittedly stylish design doesn’t quite adhere to ritzy corporate standards. You’re better off digging a separate piece for meetings, but the Seamaster is king in tropical affairs. The rubber strap truly is preferable to potential leather rot when persistent sweating tops the daily menu.

This watch is designed to weather the elements, making it a novel combination dive and luxury device. Water-resistant to 2000 feet deep and scratch-resistant crystal casing ensure maximum protection on diving missions. Add in tracking for a second timezone and you’re ready to look fly while roughing it in island country.

Casio G-Shock

watch gshock
This series leans towards the budget side of things which pitches perfectly for those fearful of being robbed. Although the Casio G-Shock family—with its casual veneer—will draw less unwanted attention than other quartz watches anyways. No biggie since the real draw here is functionality.

Worn by many a soldier and outdoor enthusiasts due to extreme durability, they also come replete with many useful functions. Thermometers, depth gauges, LED back-lights, alarms, really, there’s bound to be a model suited for your particular adventure.

Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT

watch brietling The quintessential sports watch to latch onto your wrist and never remove til home once more due to a handsome rose gold casing and a wide set of functions. A visual success, the dial is packed with numerous fonts and timezone indicators while still appearing perfectly coherent and classy.

Tracking the second time zone comes with grace since a red arrow marks the GMT hand which circles the 24-hour clock down to the minutes. An extra timescale on the face can be set to track a third timezone if need be. With a 70 hours power reserve for viewing at night, the Breitling Chronomat ensures successful and fashionable time keeping during the most hectic of journeys.

Seiko Astron Chronograph

watch seiko A new breed of beast from the above due to a built-in satellite GPS signal receiver. The watch connects with various satellites to extract its precise location and adjusts the time accordingly. Accuracy is even retained during flights through several time zones.

The vast crunch of technical features wrapped in cool titanium casings screams sophistication at a glance. Yet, with a self-charging solar module and automatic adaptation to your current time zone, the Seiko Astron Chronograph shows its true colors when trapped mid-flight or stranded from civilization.

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