The word ‘suitcase’ is usually used to describe a distinguishable luggage. Suitcases are made of diverse material; hard plastic or made of cloth, metal, vinyl and/or leather. They can be rectangular-shaped bag with rounded/square corners or just flat bags. They also have handles, which ease the movement of the luggage over short distances. For security purposes, most suitcases are provided with locks.

Trolley cases (UK) /a roll along (US) cases are suit cases that have telescopic handles and two fixed wheels on one end with the handle located on the opposite for vertical movement enabling them to be tugged along on hard level surfaces by a fixed or by a retractable leash or extendable handle

Here are some of the best luxury suitcase brands;

1. Tumi

This package has more than 25 patents for design, engineering and technology some of which include: a closure system that reduces damage to the package and a tracer which aids in recovering stolen or lost property. As the leading international brand of travel, lifestyle accessories and business, Tumi prides itself with technical innovation, functional superiority and principles of design excellence since 1975.

2. Hartmann


The average user rating from people who purchase Hartmann floats somewhere around 4.5 – 5 stars. Being one of the oldest American manufacturers to produce luggage carrier packages, they are known to forge some of the best high-end soft and hard-sided luggage. With a rich heritage that dates back to 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hartman begun as a trunk maker and has expanded to making many different types of bags such as suitcases and garment bags, backpacks and shoulder bags.

3. Saddleback

Made of very high quality full-grain leather, saddlebacks are extremely tough, rugged and durable. These uniquely designed cases do not have zippers, snaps or button but instead leather straps that are simple yet modern. Often described as a piece of art or an heirloom piece saddlebacks are nothing short of brilliance. They are bold durable designs with an old school allure.

4. Samsonite


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Named after the biblical strongman Samson, Samsonite was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder. Samsonite prides itself in lightweight but strong designed suitcases. This is a product that is well known for its craftsmanship and heritage and was initially only produced for a select few. The Samsonite is made of a layer of woven polypropylene fabric formed into self-reinforced composite sheets. This product is available in different colors; red, silver, black, and emerald green.

5. Victorinox

Having 130 years of design experience Victorinox has access to the very best technical, staffing, and material resources. Victorinox is the brain behind new hard-shell Spectra 2.0 collection, which provides ease of travel and has convenient front compartments perfect for the safe transportation of passports, tickets, and electronic devices. Some of the other ingenious parts of the design include: two hanger clamps for double-sided hanging, two ventilated removable mesh corner storage pockets, a detachable J-hook and padded compression straps.

6. Rimowa


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Founded in the 1930’s, it was initially made using aluminum and which was super light in weight and highly stable. It is a sleek “space age” European design hat features its trademark “groove” structure. The Rimowa is a unisex product which has developed over time and is now made of polycarbonate (this is a molded plastic which is easily shaped and impact resistant).

7. Globe-Trotter

This is a spacious, elegant and practical brand with a vintage look. Its strength, durability together with a high maneuverability (wheels for ease of motion) makes the Globe-Trotter a favorite amongst luxury luggage choices. The Globe-Trotter is hand-crafted and has in the past attracted clients such as: the British Queen and former British Politician, Winston Churchill.

8. Louis Vuitton

If you ask any designer he/she will agree that Louis Vuittonis big deal in the fashion industry. The Louis Vuittonbrand started production in 1871 and forged its name for high end craftsmanship and sophistication. The Louis Vuitton suitcase is characterized by: four multi-directional wheels, which twist and turn effortlessly, innovative and multi-colored designs, anda monogram canvas. It is available in an array of colors flooding the market. Such colors include: shades of deep cherry red (carmin), orange (pigment), purple (figue), blue-green (cyan), indigo, fuchsia, electric black, and black.

9. Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren luggage

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Ralph Lauren designs are known for fashion, style, and sophistication. Ralph Lauren Cooper Bag is Italian crafted luxurious calfskin with a beautifully polished lock finish piece of art.Ralph Lauren Cooper Bag has a timeless appeal,a card of authenticity,a classic look,a sturdy hardware-reinforced base, convenient inside pockets, well-lined interior, anda detachable shoulder strap.

10. Alfred Dunhill

alfred dunhill luggage

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Alfred Dunhill bags are all crafted artisans in Sherborne. Alfred Dunhill bags are a gentleman’s leather collection bags, which are practical for everyday use as well as breaks away. This product comes in three sizes: a utility bag in forest green or chestnut, a single document case in forest green or chestnut, and a grip bag which is available purely in the chestnut shade. Made of English cowhide leather and finished with gold hardware these bags provide versatility for work, travel, or play.

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