When we think of vacation, thinking of sandy beaches, crystal clear oceans and a nice cold beer is what comes to mind. There are other areas worth traveling to simply for the benefit of an adrenaline rush although most will choose to hop on a plane toward the world tranquil shores.

Survival shows are fairly popular now and the comforts of modern living make us feel safe that we occasionally deliberately seek the exciting and thrilling adrenaline rushes. Whether it’s deep sea scuba diving or a desert excursion at the center of the Atlantic Ocean, taking a trip through among the areas we cover in this top 10 list is definitely going to leave you needing to board the next flight.

Removing the clearest dangerous areas on earth like the war zones, the insides of volcanoes or the Zone of Alienation around Chernobyl from this list, we’re left with holiday destinations that can not only give you your fair share of thrills but also the opportunity to endear your kids and grandchildren with stories of experience.

10. The Isle of Skellig Michael



This island in the Atlantic Ocean is at a distance of 11.6 kilometers to the west of the Iveragh Peninsula in Ireland and it was inhabited since the sixth century by monks. You can see and visit the remains of the monastery although it was eventually left during the last years of the 12th century. The region became a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its cultural value and unique case of early spiritual settlements in 1996.

It’s not rather expected to see a monastery with this list so why don’t we see the reasons why it’s an extreme excursion. To reach the island you go through an hour long boat ride and there are falling stone endangering the open ocean together with the passageway with its waves that are high. Once you get there, the stairway (600 of them) will leave the wind blowing strongly in the sides and there aren’t any security measures since they were constructed over 1,300 years past. Two people have died to attempt to scale the stairway, but to add safety rails would definitely make it less appealing so it was left as it was created by the monks. Oh, and there are no toilets, water, food, or shelter.