Hard-partying Mexico, Cancún, isn’t the first location you’d think to take a secluded romantic getaway. But grownups- only Le Blanc Spa Resort will make you think again. This all-inclusive sets the mood with a private beach, butler service, and infinity pools —and has even attracted romcom love, Julia Roberts.

That’s no surprise to André Leavitt of Time Travels Inc., who wholeheartedly recommends the couples-only, all-inclusive experience to customers. “These resorts are simply more conducive to romance,” says mom and the traveling professional. Sometimes you need a table just for two, without any children in yelling distance, as Leavitt knows. And the greatest intimate all-inclusive resorts have evolved to appeal to more classy tastes— raising the bar on 24/7 service, diversifying amenities, and enhancing menus

13. Chiva-Som, Hua Hin, Thailand



Thai kings picked Hua Hin for their summer palace, and not far away, within seven acres of banyan- this beachfront resort makes everyday couples feel like royalty. After a welcoming lemongrass tea, a personal advisor can help you plan a program that might include herbal massages, watsu treatments, meditation, yoga, tai chi, and cooking classes. The just-renovated spa draws on organic products grown at Chiva Som, and the careful service is kept by private butlers.
Price Tag: From about $2,000 per person per night for a three-night stay; includes all meals and beverages, a collection of one daily massage per day, fitness and leisure activities, wellness consultation, and endless use of water therapy suites; adults only (16 or older).

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