When traveling to a brand new part of the world, it’s pretty common to immerse oneself in a culture that is new and try new things. A big part of traveling is trying new cuisine that wouldn’t be available back at home. Whether it be escargot in France or real pasta in Italy, trying new food during a holiday is vital to the experience as a whole.

When tourists come to America, it’s not difficult to visualize what food folks are searching for: hamburgers, ballpark hot dogs, and other American classics. However, international chains may be recognized by tourists like McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Burger King and think we offer the exact same menu items that other countries do. Even though trying real, authentic food while traveling abroad is significant, it’s not a crime to slip up and try something off the Dollar Menu in another nation when curiosity (and laziness) hits.

It’s a thing, although it’s hard to envision spaghetti being served at McDonald’s. Seaweed and pork donuts are additionally a thing. Throughout the world, sell things we’d never manage to discover in America and restaurant chains that we’re used to right here at home make. Other countries have items on their menus that we secretly wish end up on ours, even though we may not like to acknowledge it.

15. Kimchi Croquettes



At Dunkin Donuts in Korea, visitors won’t only find a plain old maple bar. Korea has stepped it up a notch a fried, with Kimchi Croquettes, distinctive donut. Kimchi is a hot pickled cabbage and is the national dish of Korea – so it’s not astonishing that it was covered in dough, fried, and made to sell in a donut shop. The Kimchi Croquette is one of five ethnic” donuts that are “ that Dunkin Donuts has created, others being in Japan and Greece. Since this “pastry” isn’t actually a traditional donut, Dunkin Donuts decided to steer free from naming it a donut, hence naming it a croquette.

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