We all have heard the saying “put your money where your mouth is” but the purveyors of these foods and drinks are determined to get it done for us. Each and every item on this particular list, from a coffee to a birthday cake, to sushi, is adorned with genuine, edible gold, literally enabling us to put our money where our mouths are, and, if just for a sip or a bite, feel that much more loaded.

A few may be reserved for the high rollers or those in the upper tax brackets – while some items on this particular list won’t break the bank if you only love them once in a while or perhaps it’s a once in a very long time splurge. However you see the theory brilliantly exceptional, or behind gold encrusted, infused, flaked or absorbed superfluous, food and gaudy, it sells. Not only does it present a culinary experience to an idea, but also buyers and the effect on our taste buds may not be more powerful than that idea. Without further ado, here are 12 foods and beverages made out of genuine, glazed gold.

12. Grande Cuvee 24-Karat


There are a number of wine and Champagne makers in the marketplace that has capitalized on the trend of using gold to heighten the experience of drinking their product. A sparkling wine made in California, Grande Cuvee is one of the leaders in the field, producing a bottle -Karat gold flakes. Each pour off the sparkling wine mesmerizes with a dazzling array of gold shimmer as the wine makes its way to your own palate and hits the glass. And while you’ll be most commonly correct in the assumption that a sparkling wine made out of gold would be a costly drink to decant, the award-winning 24-Karat Grande Cuvee is priced at an affordable $31 a bottle, making the sparkling wine not only delicious but also an extremely economic party favor.

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