So you’ve been working your butt off at the gym but you can’t appear to shake off the weight. You’ve eliminated all the junk food and replaced it with healthier alternatives but you don’t comprehend why the scale reads the same amount it did three months ago. So you lose hope and return to your own previous lifestyle.

The issue mightn’t be your workout routine but what’s in your kitchen. What you believe is wholesome food could really be what’s preventing you from losing the weight.

You’ve likely about eating healthy read online and you’ve probably seen too many TV shows advocating specific sorts of foods because they are “healthy” or “nutritious” when in reality it’s just processed garbage.

What people believe to be accurate is often the precise reverse of the truth, especially as it pertains to eating healthy. We have compiled a listing of diet foods that in reality make people fat. Read to see if you’ve got any of these foods in your kitchen.

10. Breakfast Cereals



Those “healthy” cereals you’ve every morning been eating are nothing but a bowl full of sugars and processed carbs. It’s basically among the worst foods you are able to maybe eat to begin your day, as well as all the fattening ingredients it contains.

The sugar in the cereals will spike your insulin and glucose levels. A couple of hours later after your blood sugar crashes, you’ll begin craving a sugary snack like a chocolate or cookies -coated donut. You’re likely acquainted with the blood sugar roller coaster in case you are used to eating a high carb diet.
On the label, it might read “whole grain” or low fat” that is “ but it’s loaded with tons of SUGAR. Eat something with protein like eggs in it if you will want healthful breakfast.

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