Occasionally, all it takes is that one holiday to make travel the world and you want to quit your day job. Regrettably, not every holiday can leave you feeling free, joyful and reborn. On some occasions, you can come face to face with such a traumatizing experience that all you’ll want to do is book the next flight home and curl up on your own sofa with the drapes drawn. Some of the most crucial things of all are to know what to expect before you enter a specific state and to do everything possible to avoid unwanted attention.

In the end, it all depends on upon the kind of vacation you are looking for; If you’re looking for an all inclusive and don’t have any interest in leaving the resort’s premises, then feel free to bring some jewelry and name-brands. Nonetheless, all that shifts the second you leave the resorts confinement, then you become a flashy dingbat who’s just waiting to get robbed or worse — used and kidnapped for ransom.

With today’s world becoming madder by the second, it’s difficult to believe that traveling can now go hand-in-hand with betting. The most significant thing to do to be sure the security of you and your loved ones would be to never see a new land without doing your homework first.

15. Honduras



Thinking of seeing the amazing beaches of Honduras this year? Although this country has a gigantic allure due to its Caribbean sea coastlines and its proximity to the Guatemalan rain forest. It truly is deemed one of the most dangerous areas on the planet and very well might be the last area you ever vacation too.

If that wasn’t enough, they issued another warning this August stating the level of offenses, kidnappings, and robberies had skyrocketed.
Honduras has become accustomed to violence and crime because of their lack of resources and government officials. This nation does not have enough funds to properly investigate crime associated ordeals or homicides and so prey on tourists for their survival needs and the Hondurans continue to lash out.

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