Negotiating the line between playful flirting and Pepe Le Pew can be challenging at times. Americans don’t have much of a reputation when it comes to chewing the fat with possible partners.

Nevertheless, the pawing, catcalls, kissing noises are taken by some cultures, and all around flirtatious behavior to new levels. Flirting comes naturally to some nationalities; so natural that they take it to the extreme, scaring away prospective teammates through boldness and behaviour that is poor.

To identify these nations that were uninhibited, we requested the online audience for their narratives at Quora and Reddit. Additionally, we read on data viewing online flirtations, sexual harassment, and s*xual activity in general (just because). Nations were then ranked based on how vigorously they flirt. Extra points were given to those nations where the women will also be getting in on the action. Here are our top 10:

10. Russia



It’s difficult to imagine “I will break you” as a fantastic pickup line, but hey, to each his own. These stone-faced, vodka-slugging, modern-day Casanovas are surprisingly some of the most active and flirtatious countrymen. The Russians get our nod, however, not because of their game because, although on the streets of their game. Additionally, their on-line activity.

Based on the amount of “flirtatious interactions initiated per month” on, a social networking and dating site, Moscow beat out some big towns to earn the title of “second most flirtatious city” on earth. It was also named the third country that was most active in a study conducted last year. Who knows, with the relationship landscape transforming from bar scene to iPhone display, the Russians might function as irritating, chatty flirts of tomorrow.