Doing it is one of beings that are human ’ acts that are most natural. We do it for procreation and pleasure, but depending on religious beliefs, qualifications, experience, upbringing and societal pressures hugely vary. And then, of course, each person has tastes all his or her own.

The regularity of s*x is something which varies, too as it pertains to the various states around the world. Some counties, for example, Brazil and Greece report that between 82% and 87% of their people is having s*x weekly.

Durex, one of the largest makers of condoms and other fulfillment tools and accessories, conducted an online poll global and the results were fascinating; really, the percent of residents having s*x regularly is one interesting stat, but the s*xual satisfaction rate in each nation is possibly even more intriguing. Some consider satisfaction as the ability to have an orgasm, while some consider satisfaction to maintain the area of the quality of the foreplay or the frequency of s*x. Nevertheless the perception, the numbers show that frequency doesn’t also equal satisfaction, and rarity doesn’t consistently mean discontent.

Here is a list of the top ten nations that have s*x the least frequently, in accordance with Durex’s international s*xual survey while polled around 26,000 people over 26 states. So, if getting lucky between the sheets is significant to you and you’re thinking of relocating to a different country or traveling around the world, keep these numbers in mind. These percentages represent how many citizens who report having s*x on a weekly basis.

10. Thailand – 65%



Many might be surprised that Thailand is featuring here – after all, the state has a quite well-known reputation for s*x tourism. But alas, just 65% of Thailand’s citizens report having s*x weekly. However, because of the fact that prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand, a reluctance to self-report could well be leading to an under-representation of the stats.

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