Airbnb has — without hyperbole — altered the way we holiday. For those few of you who don’t understand, Airbnb is a peer to peer web site which connects additional space and people to lease with voyagers that will shortly be seeing the region. These lodgings vary from additional rooms to guest houses to entire residences or flats. To luxury lodgings, tourists can remain in for the very first time ever regularly for a fraction of the cost of a hotel suite. And the system works great for the most part. Sure, you must be careful as you will find tricksters and a-holes on either side of the equation. Actually, small criticisms are so wild, there a website focused on the day-in, day- . Most of them don’t rate quite high on the nightmare” scale that is “. Every so often there comes along someone who actually goes out of the way to get creative in the way in which they disrespect their fellow human beings. This is in no way intended to dissuade you from trying the service as guest or a host, but here are and smattering of Airbnb horror stories you should know about.

1. The Palaiseau Homicide



Let’s begin on the more fearful side of the scale. When an organization of 20-somethings spent a just $435 at a 7-bedroom mansion (complete with swimming pool), they were most likely expecting an evening of wine-soaked revelry in a swanky Parisian area. Sadly, what they got was a body, decomposing on the border of the property. The corpse had been there for the greater part of a month, though no identification was made at the time of the discovery. An Airbnb spokesman vowed to help in any manner possible, including, “Over 80 million people have traveled on Airbnb and issues for guests and hosts are incredibly uncommon.” Nobody needs to stumble upon a corpse while on holiday, but you can’t attribute this one on either guest or host.

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