Now I know each of you has experienced a worst food experience especially in the was frustrating and you couldn’t help it but complain. It is reported that people are more popular with the fast food restaurants and regional restaurants.

How do you range that foods from fast food restaurants are bad? Well one must consider the food and the services itself. In terms of food, one looks at the quality, freshness and value. And also in terms of the service, one look at the etiquette, speed of the services and cleanliness of the area. With this checklist one is able to adequately evaluate these fast foods.

According to consumers across America, Here are the 11 worst fast food restaurants:

1. Sbarro

Known for its New York styled pizza, developed with the authentic flavors, color and taste. It is said, however that Sbarro has been doing badly and had to close down around 150 locations in North America and later became bankrupt. It has once been ranked as the 15th in foreign system wide U.S based quick serve and fast casual companies by QSR magazines that was in 2011. And in 2014 it was declared by the fiscal as the worst fast food restaurant. But still, 2015 according to yahoo it ranked as the second best pizza inn. It had failed due to its slow services and their pizza quality had gone low, this led to less consumers. Which eventually led to them having many creditors hence bankruptcy. It is rising again, and see if their tide of their fortune will change and they will work on their product.

2. Mcdonalds


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McDonalds is known for being the largest chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants, serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries across more than 36000 outlets. It began having a net profit decrease in 2012 and in 2014 it had a reduced quarterly sale for the first time in seventeen years It is said that McDonald plans to close about 184 restaurants in the US in 2015 which is 59 more than it plans to open.

Most customers, well, complained about the quality of the hamburgers were low and the services were unbelievably slow. They are not delivering high quality products due to low quality of ingredients used as per one of the customers.

3. Taco Bell


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Taco Bell has had many issues, especially the allegation where there was actually cat and dog meat used in some of their outlets. This has led to the lost of many customers trust with the restaurant and many have stopped going there. The Taco Bell Company actually stood up for itself through an ad said that that this were false allegations. It has also gone through such similar allegation previously but then it was about beef being a meat mixture that was 65% preservatives, binders, extenders and additive that did not meet the U.S department of Agriculture requirement. Nothing came out of it whether the story is true or not. This has led too many customers being displeased about the food.

4. Burgers King

Burger King

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For the longest time burger king was known to offer the best customer service, but it has not caught up with time. The enormous omelet sandwich was a major failure. When it began it had a jum of20%. This is because people wanted more healthy breakfast.

Well Burger king has been known for copying the top dog. It has not been inherently wrong but it’s not being able to give the customer their original product and service. For instance the much hyped low calories French fries also known as satisfries, which never pleased the customer at all.

5. Pizza Hut


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It is known for its online order and fast delivery. This reputation has been tarnished and reason being one, the online account seems to have a lot of issues such as when trying to login there is always login error. It seems as if it has lost customer database and is very important if you are working online. The services are low compared to earlier, like missing food and finding hotdogs inside pizza, claimed a customer.

6. Dominos

Domino's Pizza

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In 2012, Dominos’ specialty chicken failed to connect with the consumers, which was frustrating. They actually launched a campaign; failure is an option trying to explain the fail

Also it is known that the Domino database was hacked in. This also has led to its downfall because many customers have lost their trust in Dominos.

7. Little Caesar

Little Caesars

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It is known for good food. But waiting for hours is the biggest issue before the food is prepared, losing them many customer because one can be able to go to another restaurant and get the same order in a matter of few minutes.

8. Panda Express

Well the Chinese franchise restaurant has been known for lousy food. The quality is just poor and most of it is not fresh. Many customers are complaining online about the food. Also there is unavailability of most food in the menu.

9. Papa Johns


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John says that he uses fresh dough in the making of his pizza but honestly lately it does not taste that way. Their customer service is really poor. Making most customers angry. Papa John was founded in 1984 and by now it should have the best customer related skills.

10. KFC

Let’s face it their chicken tastes awful. And what other meat can you order if the chicken isn’t available. They don’t serve salads, wraps. Their chicken is full of grease and fat which just makes you want to throw up. They need to update their menu like yesterday providing more options, they like have 7 dishes!

11. White Cake


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It’s just pathetic. The food is not real and more of disgusting. Their meat is just fat and grease. And it is over processed making it nothing to ever dream of. Many customers complain of diarrhea after eating their food.

Let’s just say, that most fast food restaurants need to go back to the drawing board and address issues. They will continue to lose business to food trucks and smaller establishments that are prioritizing on offering good food and customer service.



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