It’s now commonplace that the type of food you eat say a lot about you. With studies conducted by nearly by all registered nutrition bodies suggesting that the food we eat could be why non-communicable diseases like cancer and diabetes are on the rise. Physiological and mental disorders can stem from bad dietary habits that could be influenced by someone’s upbringing among other causes. Important is for each person to identify and understand what they’re doing wrong and try to manage it appropriately. As seen with numerous cases, healthy eating habits have led to people leading long, fulfilling lives and the inverse is consequently and sadly true

The basics of Nutrition

To understand eating healthy and its consequences one must try to trace all nutrients components to their source. From the basics of dietetics, we understand that there are three main food nutrients; carbohydrates, proteins, and fats & oils. Further, there is vitamins, minerals, fibers and water that are as important as the first three. And the problem, of course, starts from here when you neglect one of this for another issue begin to manifest. Some are immediate while others are endemic and take long to manifest.

It might all be psychological

Most of the time most people don’t know these but when, where, how and the quantities they eat may be routed in their psychological activity. Some people love to eat and eat, stuffing that food away like there is no tomorrow. While others don’t eat and when they do they eat minimized portions. This phenomenon has been studied widely and has led to an understanding that it may all be based on childhood experiences, sex, peer pressure, media presentation of how the body should look like, underlying health conditions, allergies and much more.

Unhealthy Eating habits

The following are five the most common unhealthy eating habits that are most prevalent but very likely easily fixed.

1. Avoiding breakfast

The saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day isn’t a suggestion but a saying based on concrete science that it could help jumpstart your metabolism.

2. Small Portions make for eating healthy

It’s not the size of the plate that matters but the content in the plate, Dr. Albert Welter, a clinical Dietician at the New York Presbyterian Hospital says. That you may eat those minute portions and complicate your health status further by depleting your body of essential nutrients.

3. Avoiding fats and oils

Weight watchers have rebuked nutty foods like peanut oil, oily fruits like avocado, milk & dairy products and red meat stating that they have too much fat and oils that would affect their overall weight. However this is contrary to fact, these oils and fats are healthy and important and these foods also have other components that are useful like vitamins and minerals.

4. Forgetting the all-important water

People are too busy to take the time to drink water and other fluids. They must understand that replenishing fluids in their body are as important as breathing itself.

5. Dependence on junk and restaurant food

Taking out is now fashionable and the in thing. People distaste cooking because it consumes time. Understand cooking you own food you are able to monitor those calories, add healthy components and avoid unhealthy ingredients.

Good eating habits

It doesn’t get any better than sitting down with your family around a table and sharing a meal. That is the best eating habit, eating with joy and an appreciation of food.

1. Carbs are important

Looking out for healthy sugars that are unrefined like honey and whole grains to provide starch is essential to fulfilling a balanced diet.

2. Vegetarians can still acquire proteins

You can get nuts, legumes, and seeds to give you that all essential protein content in your plate. But this could also apply to all reduce meats and take on better meat options like fish and poultry.

3. Eat less salt

Excess consumption of salt has been associated with hypertension and cardiac diseases. The recommended amount that the human adult should consume should average 1g of salt per 100g of food.

4. Get active

Teach your body to sweat and try your hardest to move more to burn all those excess calories. But everything in moderation, with the right exercise regime you could lose and maintain as much weight as is possible. Also, use the right skin care!

5. Simplify

Processed foods have represented a dimension of being carcinogenic and compromising healthy eating. Choose good, fresh and simple ingredients, cook you food simply at home and also eat the right portions

Eating healthy is not just a requirement is now a way of life that all must take seriously. Though major strides have been done to increase the average life span, poor eating has been an associated cause of the decline in this stride. Eat better for yourself, it’s not easy but it’s worth it.

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