What is Poutine?

Ever visited Canada or its surrounding and didn’t have any idea of the meal you would order for? Do you have French fries and you don’t know how to use them to make a delicious dish? Poutine is the ultimate answer. This is a tasty meal made of French fries covered with fresh cheese curds and thick brown gravy. The meal was first traced in Quebec but gained popularity throughout Canada. To some extent, this is the ultimate comfort to most people. The trinity kinds of ingredients make it easier to prepare. However, with the simplicity you need to be very careful making it, otherwise, you will miss the whole pack of ingredients. With all the important elements, Poutine is Canada’s ultimate soaker-stoner staple. The meal is so iconic and has populated the national and international multi-units. Likewise, the big name Canadian chef and outside caterers have embraced this unofficial national dish upgrading it with both traditional and nontraditional twists just to see it elevated from secret pressure to international treasure. Poutine goes deep and beyond the Canadian split personality as half the population enjoys its existence and both the urban and rural farmers claim it.

Is Poutine only enjoyed in Canada?

Most people think that the dish is only enjoyed in its country of origin. This is not the case as Canadians are not alone in their quest for both authentic and innovative versions. As Poutine steadily crosses south across the border, the US consumers and chefs have been seen welcoming both the casual comfort of the cultural classic and the platforms potential for its modification. There is a lot of creativity applied by most chefs across the country and in the whole world. All manner of friee3s and potatoes are permissible for as long as they hold up their end of the deal without over absorption. Despite the mention of the dish being readily available in US restaurants such as Brooklyn, it is worth noting that it has become so ubiquitous to its point of origin.

Things you should know about Poutine

It is so hard to believe that despite being an excellent combination of flavor, Poutine is still an undiscovered treasure in most part of the world. To most Canadians, this is a compulsory dish. Despite it being a regular part of the diet, there is much more that users should know about Poutine.

  • It’s one of the Canada greatest inventions- most people believe much of technological innovation and among others but not food. Despite all the inventions made in Canada, this beat out the standard time.
  • You can drink it- if you do not want eat it, you can liquefy it with a blender and take it just the same way you would drink a glass.
  • The dish can be pretty expensive- with its popularity, chefs are making Poutine pricey. In fact, it’s much cheaper when you order it in bulk than getting a single topping on the menu.
  • It’s in the Guinness Book of Record- one would be definitely be forced to think that this is the source of its popularity, however, it was already popular. Joe Beeverz broke the record for the world’s largest Poutine.
  • It appears in different variations- there has been a lot of debate of whether Poutine should become Canada national food. Most restaurants serve it with dressing making it appear different. It can also be served with a topping such as sausage, chicken, bacon or smoked meat. Sweet potatoes have also been used as a healthier alternative to French fries. This adds dietary fiber and vitamins to this classic dish. In some servings, you may cut up cooked chicken or hamburger, use shredded mozzarella cheese in place of cheese curds. For Italian Poutine, gravy is substituted with marinara.

How to make a Perfect Poutine

Considering that this is quite a pricey meal, most people may not afford to order it from restaurant especially for big families. However, the ingredients are readily available and its procedure is simple. The making of a great Poutine requires crispy fries, beef gravy, and super fresh cheese curds. The following are some of the tips that will enable you to come up with a perfect Poutine.

  • Ensure that the chips are relatively thin so that the gravy can filter down when it’s poured on. They should also be crispy to make sure that they absorb the gravy to create a sloppy and resilient texture. It is the right potato that gives you the right Poutine.
  • Ensure that you get some real cheese curds as if you got it from a farm shop it may not give you a real Poutine especially if you cannot hear the squeak of the cheese. If you cannot get it at all, the next best and closest texture is that of real mozzarella.
  • The gravy comes last on the list but it’s the most sensitive ingredient. Instant gravy may not give you the best Poutine. You are required to invest in great gravy for you to realize a perfect Poutine. The gravy should be light or rather not too thick to ensure all the chips are coated in it.


  • Heat oil in a deep fryer to 365 degrees. While the oil is heating, you can start cooking your gravy.
  • Place the fries into the hot oil and let them cook until they are red-brown in color. This may take about five minutes. Make the fries in bunches if you need to. This gives room to move them a little in the oil. Remove them and place them on a plate to drain.
  • Place the fries on serving platter and sprinkle the cheese over them. Put the topping of the gravy over the fries and cheese and serve them immediately.

All said about its making and popularity, it is important to look at Poutine nutritional value. This is because we only need to have nutritious inputs to our bodies as this is what they give out in return. For 120 grams serving, you get 200 calories, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. The diet is cholesterol free and as such you can comfortably try it.

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