After eating your meal, what’s better than a nice dessert? For example ice cream, fruit juice, cake, muffins, puddings and more. Desserts vary in price. Some are cheap while others are expensive. The more expensive a dessert is, the higher the quality. If you think you are rich or simply mad at spending, these are the desserts to spend your money on. We have conducted research on the most expensive desserts in the world. This is what we have for you. Have a look but do not be shocked by the price tag. It is meant for rich people like you. Sounds encouraging? All right.

1. Diamond Fruitcake

Diamond Fruitcake

This is probably the most expensive dessert on planet earth. It goes for a whopping $1.65million! You don’t believe? Don’t worry. It is just that you are behaving naturally. If your bank account has more than enough money, you can dare to spend $1.65 millions on a cake for your wedding or family consumption during celebrations. It took a chef 6 full months to design this phenomenal cake and one month to finish it completely. It features 223 diamonds at the exterior ends of the whole cake. But don’t eat the diamonds. Eat the edible part only.

2. Strawberries Arnaud

This imposing cake is worth $1.4 million. You will find it in Arnoud’s restaurant. It is made using strawberries that are perfectly arranged. In addition, it features a 4.7 pink karat pink diamond, which resembles one that was once owned by an English Royal financial advisor by the name Sir Ernest Cassel. On top of that, it comes with white glow servers. They will serve you wine worth $24,480. Furthermore, there is a jazz music live band to keep you entertained as you enjoy your dessert. Now you understand why it is very expensive.

3. Platinum Cake

Platinum Cake

Nobue Ikara, a Japanese chef, prepared this glossy cake. It goes for $130,000 only! It is a perfect match for you if you love platinum. It is excellently decorated using white frostings. In addition, it is draped with things made from platinum materials e.g necklaces, pendants, chains, and foils. The most impressive thing about this cake is that it is wholly edible, including the platinum parts. The Japanese chef created it as a special dedication to women and to encourage them to wear platinum. The good news is that platinum cake has not been sold yet. Will you be the first one to buy?

4. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

Looking for a drink that will give you a memorable experience? Frrrozen Haute Chocolate is precisely what you need. Going at $25,000, this frozen drink will make you understand the true meaning of a mouthwatering drink. It has exceptional quality and flavor. It contains cocoa collected from 14 countries in the world, milk, and 5g of 24 karats. It also features a dollop of whipped cream. This fantastic dessert comes packed in a white goblet that is decorated with shiny diamond and banded with striking gold. It is in Guiness Book of records as one of the most expensive cakes in the world by 2007.

5. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

This fascinating dessert portrays a stilt fishing scene. It is made with some of the most delicious ingredients such as Irish cream, chocolate, and exotic fruit. If you choose to buy it, you will be served with mango syrup. The dessert is placed on a tiny sliver of chocolate. This perfectly represents fisherman’s pole. You will keep the jewel if you buy it.

6. Macaroons Haute Couture

This wonderful dessert is worth $7,441. It features a variety of high-quality ingredients. This explains its high price. Ingredients include red wine, balsamic vinegar, peanut butter and much more.

7. Sultan’s Golden Cake

Sultan’s Golden Cake

Via: mashlot

This glittering cake goes for $1000.You will find it at Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel in Istanbul. It is prepared using apricot, figs, pears and quince. In addition, it is topped with black truffles, French Ploynesia vanilla bean, gold leaf and caramel. Moreover, it is packed in a silver cake box and features a golden seal.

8. The Brownie Extraordinaire


Via: ndtv

This nice dessert is sold at Brule restaurant located in Atlantic City, New Jersey in the US. It is made using dark chocolate and covered with hazelnuts from Italy. If you order for it, you will be served with a scoop of fine ice cream. On top of that, you will be given a rare glass of expensive port wine.

9. Golden Opulence Sundae

You will find it at New York City restaurant Serendipity. It costs $1000. It is made using 5 scoops of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice cream. This ice cream is mixed with Venezualan Chuao chocolate and Madagascar vanilla. To add on, it is topped with a leaf of edible gold. Other ingredients include Paris candied fruits, gold dragnets, marzipan cherries and more.

10. Noka Chocolate, Vintage Collection

This outstanding dessert costs $ 854 per pound. It is one of the finest and delicious desserts in the world. It is made by Noka using a variety of cocoa ingredients.

In conclusion, the above are certainly the most expensive desserts in the world. If you can afford them, buy. If you can’t, don’t worry because at least you have information about them.

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