Las Vegas is not only famous for gambling but is known well for having the best restaurants too. Most of the top chefs in the industry have set up their restaurants in the sin city. These restaurants contain some of the biggest and busiest gambling casinos too. As Vegas has some of the most luxurious restaurants in the region. The most exclusive restaurants in Las Vegas include:


Commonly known for its good meat, this restaurant is one of a kind. It is also a good place for salads, seafood and its great deserts. Their food is so great that after eating from this place you wouldn’t want to eat from your local restaurants ever again. Their favorite dishes in their menu include food such as potato knishes, artisan cheeses, bone-marrow flan, Indian-spiced Kobe beef short ribs and maple-glazed pork among many other delicacies.

Estiatorio Milos


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It is well known for its delicious seafood in the North America region. It is one of the greatest places to eat in Miami and New York. They are a series of restaurants under the same management but the most flourishing one of them all is The Cosmopolitan that is located in Las Vegas. It also has a large casino inside hence frequented by many influential people. It is a very beautiful restaurant that is used by influential people to close some of the greatest business deals.

Guy Savoy

This French cuisine is a place that you would definitely want to visit once you are in Las Vegas. The dishes served are simple but with a great taste that will leave you want to come back for more. As you enter the restaurant hungry, you leave a happy person after enjoying some of the best and delicious meals that they serve. Some of the best meals in their menu include: oysters, artichoke soup with black truffles and Parmesan; guinea fowl lobster with morels and asparagus.

Joël Robuchon


This is the best place to enjoy some of the best French flavors has a very beautiful site and location and the dining area consists of black and white laden flowers that is absolutely breathtaking. The customers get to enjoy a ride of limo into the restaurant making their services so elegant and classy. The meals served are also very delicious and mouthwatering with a very captivating appearance. Some of the finest best include sliced guinea hen layered with foie grist is one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas and a good place to treat yourself or someone else to a good meal.

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon


They make very tasty meals and good flavors that will make you appreciate food. Made with some of the simplest recipes the menu is one to die for, as all the meals made are very tasty and delicious that will make you come back for more. The setting of the dining area is also very elegant and consists of burnished wood accents and dramatic lighting that provide a relaxed and beautiful environment as you enjoy the best meals that you have never tasted before.

Le Cirque

Le Cirque Dining Room

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It is a good place to enjoy your meals. It has a festive mood as you sit in the beautiful restaurant while enjoying the best delicacies that they prepare. Some of the best foods prepared by the restaurant that will make you love the place even more include: steak tartare; raisin brioche with foie gras and white chocolate; langoustines with caviar; bouillabaisse; lamb chops with espelette pepper; roast chicken with black truffles; poached Maine lobster, among many more other good food. This is a very nice place to eat that will make you have a good time in Las Vegas.


This restaurant is well known for its Japanese delicacies that mostly consist of grilled dishes. Also it is well known for sushi among many other great dishes. It is always flooded with customers and operates until dawn to serve all people at any time of their convenience. Some of the best meals in their menu comprises salt-crusted sea bream, chicken and rice bowl, poached egg with sea urchin and salmon kaiseki dinner.

The listed restaurants are Las Vegas finest and are a place to visit when you are on a visit in Las Vegas. They will definitely make your visit meaningful as you get a chance to enjoy some of the best meals prepared by the best chefs in the region.

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