Chocolate is a universal treat. People all over the world love the taste of chocolate. It doesn’t where they are from or how old they are. From a young girl to an elder woman, a love of chocolate does not fade. Chocolate makes a wonderful treat or a romantic gift. No matter what the occasion, it’s always a pleasure to have your favorite chocolate. What is your favorite chocolate brand? Which chocolate brands are the very best? Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Most Famous Chocolate Brands. See if your all time favorite chocolate brand made our list…

10. Toblerone

Chocolate Brand

Toblerone began in Switzerland as a chocolate treat only fit for royalty. Today the Toblerone chocolate brand extends around the world. Toblerone chocolate fans love the distinct prisms that are made from this chocolate. Each one packed full of cocoa, nougat, almonds, and honey all mixed perfectly together. It tastes as delicious as it sounds. Now, it is offered in different flavors such as white, pralines, plain, fruit & nuts, and honeycomb.

9. Guylian

Chocolate Brand
The chocolate brand Guylian originated in Belgium. Now, it’s famous chocolate is offered in more than 40 countries worldwide. Guylian is best known for making handmade cocoa wafers. More so, Guylian is even better known for their chocolate seahorse which is the Guylian company logo. The Guylian seahorse’s tail curves the opposite way than a real seahorse’s tail. Also, winning the 2005 title for the biggest Easter egg of all time. It took over eight days to create and used over 50,000 chocolate seahorse bars. That is one huge egg; it made the Guinness Book of World Records.

8. Lindt & Sprungli

Chocolate Brands
The Lindt & Sprungli chocolate brand is known all over the world for making the best white chocolate you have ever tasted. Originally founded in 1845 in Zurich. This company has one of the largest chocolate factories in the world. Taking deep care in the creation of their chocolate desserts using only milk, granular ingredients, and mixed with different flavorful fruits.

7. Ghirardelli

Chocolate Brands
An Italian chocolatier Domingo Ghirardelli began making the beloved Ghirardelli chocolate brand in 1852. Some of the main ingredients are milk, cream, cocoa, and caramel. Who could resist such a sweet mixture made by the finest Italian craftsmen? The Ghirardelli chocolate brand is historic. Their current headquarters is currently based in the United States. Did you know that every year, Ghirardelli hosts an annual two-day festival displaying their most amazing milk chocolate disc? You will easily recognize Ghirardelli chocolate by the exquisite design on the chocolate. Truly making it one of a kind and one of the very best chocolate brands in the world.

6. Patchi

Chocolate Brand
Patchi chocolate brand is one of the best-selling chocolate candy bars in the world. Their chocolate is known to be a perfect gift for a dear friend or loved one. Patchi is a combination of both Swiss and Belgium flavors. Truly a delight that is impossible to resist. The finest cocoa and fresh milk are known to be the chocolate brand’s core ingredients. The beautiful packaging only increases the irresistibility.

5. Galaxy

Chocolate Brands
Galaxy started it’s chocolate enterprise in 1986 from the same makers of the Mars chocolate brand. Galaxy chocolate is made with fresh milk and intense, dark cocoa but is magically entwined with delicious and sweet fruit flavors. It’s hard to resist. The first time I saw Galaxy chocolate, I would not take my eyes off of the sweet chocolate until it touched my taste buds. It is an irresistible chocolate brand of the highest quality.

4. Cadbury

Chocolate Brand
John Cadbury began his famous chocolate industry in London in 1824. Who knew Cadbury would have come this far? Cadbury is a name recognized worldwide. Every person in the world known of the Cadbury bunny at Easter. Easter is one of the biggest times for selling chocolate and sweets. Although, Cadbury is a famous chocolate brand all year long. All made with milk, honey, cocoa, and fresh ingredients. It is easy to see why Cadbury is one of the most famous chocolate brands in the world.

3. Ferrero Rocher

Chocolate Brands
There are many reasons why Ferrero Rocher made the top 3 spot on our list. It quite possibly may be the extravagant packaging or the delicious chocolate that everyone so dearly loves. Or maybe it’s the fact that Ferrero Rocher has been a leader in the chocolate industry for nearly 200 years. Ferrero Rocher is delightful and sensational chocolate covered in a gold foil wrapping that looks like it should only be eaten by royalty. Every bite will satisfy you from the wafer to the caramel topping. Purely mouth watering.

2. Kit Kat

Chocolate Brands
Give me a break, give me a break. Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar. The famous chocolate brand Kit Kat has hit the number two spot on our list by more than the catchy jingle that goes along with the classic chocolate bar. Thin wafers covered in milk chocolate. Delicious. Plus, you can break them into pieces to save for later or share with family or friends. My sister and I used to love this treat as children. It was easy to divide between us. Plus, we loved to savor every last drop. Beginning in 1935 as Kit Cat renamed Kit Kat. It has become a household name and has different flavors to satisfy everyone’s taste. My personal all time favorite chocolate bar is the Kit Kat white chocolate. Oh, I love it!

1. Mars

Chocolate Brand
The number one spot, Mars chocolate brand. The Mars chocolate bars are the number one selling chocolate brand across the globe. In my book, that makes it the most famous chocolate brand of all time. Mars bars are absolutely delicious. This chocolate brand got its start in the United Kingdom nearly 100 years. It’s timeless recipe of honey, caramel, nougat, minced almonds. The packaging is in perfect little boxes making the Mars chocolate brand a great gift. Like every other famous chocolate brand, Mars developed more than one flavor. Including the flavor variety of Almond, Dark, Light, Midnight, Lava, and The Fling. Customers stay happy having Mars’ own versions of Snickers and Milkyway. Mars had my vote and had made our list of the top most famous chocolate brand of all time.

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