If you love burgers, you will definitely want to go for the best. Quite a number of people all over the world have made burgers their staple food. It is delicious, nutritious, juicy and beneficial to health (probably not). It comes with other ingredients, properly mixed to give you excellent flavor. You will be interested to know the best burgers in the world. This is precisely what we have for you. See here.

1. Buns


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Buns are arguably the best burgers not only in Berlin but also in the entire Germany and the world in general. They are made using meat and other fresh and seasoned ingredients to give you the quality that you desire. They are very taste and highly delicious. On top of that, they are made from a food track and come with a hot source. What a wonderful burger!

2. Gott’s

Gott’s burger is found in St Helena, CA in the US. It is extremely juicy and very delicious. Many Americans in California usually stop at St. Helena to taste this amazing burger. The place is always full. The way travelers flock in will marvel you. It features other additional ingredients for the best flavor and quality. If you want to have an unforgettable burger eating experience, visit St Helena in California and taste their Gott’s.

3. Hamburger Foundation

This mouthwatering burger is found in Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland is known for dairy farming. The country has many dairy cows that produce plenty of milk, which is used in making of cheese. You know very well that cheese is one of the ingredients used in making burgers. The country’s chefs have also learnt a lot about how Americans make their hamburgers. The availability of high quality cheese and excellent knowledge enables them to produce some of the best burgers in the world. That is why Hamburger Foundation is in the top list.

4. O Tahlo


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You will find this lip-smacking burger in Lisbon Portugal. It is excellently prepared to achieve the best quality. Cooked to perfection to be precise. O Tahlo patty will arouse your appetite by merely looking at it. When you taste it, you will understand the true definition of the word tasty.

5. Meat Liquor

Shed Meat Liquor

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If you want to enjoy this sacharrine burger, go to London in the United Kingdom. In fact their slogan is ‘’Come Hungry, Leave Drunk’’. Their hamburgers are not big. They are relatively small. Meat Liquor is about quality and not quantity. When it comes to taste, there is no better word to describe it other than perfect. If you have insatiable appetite, you will be served with fries as you wait for the real burger. If you are in a hurry, there is a section where you will have a quick bite.

6. BBI

BBI burgers are not just good but a must eat for anybody who loves hamburgers. You will find them in Berlin, Germany. It features thin patties to allow for more yummy fillings. In addition, it has excellent flavor. It is simply incomparable. Furthermore, it comes with lots of fries. Therefore, if you value both quality and quantity, BBI burgers are the best fit for you.

7. Burgerz


When you say that burger has 100% quality that may sound promotional and pure exaggeration. But with Burgerz burger from Schveningen in Netherlands, this is the reality. It is also fresh and pure thus worth the value of your money and good for your health. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available so that you are not left out even if you don’t eat meat. It is made from natural foods, no processed products. This makes it free from chemicals.

8. Flippin’ Burgers

This tasty burger comes from Stockholm in Sweden.It is made using top quality meat and freshly baked bread. This makes it delicious. In addition, experts who have mastered the art of preparing burgers cook it. No wonder it is exceptionally tasty.

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