Whether you’re the family chef or a busy college student, it’s always a chore to think up dinner plans for each day of the week. Too many fall prey to “instant” meals, or pitifully basic and bland affair. This is where the batch meal comes into play. A proper batch meal is one which can easily be made in large quantities and stores well in the fridge or freezer. This way, one night of meal prep can theoretically last you for days.
But why stop there? There’re a plethora of fancy recipes that can double or tripled. While high-class cuisine typically costs a tad more to prepare, you’ll be saving money, in addition to time, when you buy ingredients in bulk. Don’t use up all of your spare hours preparing sub-par dishes, and invest in these fancy batch meal recipes instead.

Spicy Chicken Cacciatore

caccatorevia bbcgoodfood.com
An Italian favorite that presents well and is simple to make despite appearances. The chicken lends itself well to frying several thighs at a time in olive oil. The vegetables receive the same treatment, being fried in dry red wine instead of olive oil. Put the chicken and vegetables you won’t use into the freezer for later. When you want to eat spicy chicken cacciatore once more, you’ll just need to thaw ahead of time and simmer everything in chicken stock for 30 minutes.

Beef With Red Wine And Carrots

Beef With Red Wine And Carrotsvia recipeshubs.com
This recipe already requires a large stockpot, so you may not even need to double it up. The beef is to be breaded and fried before anything else, so it’s a great opportunity to make extra for other future recipes. Once your stew is complete and wrapped in a deliciously thick sauce, you can freeze any leftovers. These leftovers can then be reheated for a fabulous stew once more, or used in casseroles and pies.

Pork Goulash With Dumplings

Pork goulashvia mightysweet.com
Another brand of stew, goulash is the national dish of Hungary. This particular dish is packed with pork, peppers, and caraway seeds which are fundamental to any goulash. Use a large pan to simmer it all at once. For an authentic choice of dumplings, go with nokedli bread dumplings. It all stores well, so it’s up to you.

Vietnamese Lamb Shank With Sweet Potatoes

batch viet lambvia cookinginsens.wordpress.com
What makes these lamb shanks Vietnamese style is the addition of five central ingredients used in its cuisine; lemongrass, ginger, chili, fish sauce, and mint leaves. The lamb and sweet potatoes have to cook in the oven for 2½ hours, so it’s best to fit as much in as your oven can safely handle. Luckily the lamb shanks are easily frozen, and the sweet potatoes can be reused and twice baked or mashed with butter and pineapple juice.

Creamy Prawn And Vegetable Pot

batch creamy prawnvia bbcgoodfood.com
An incredibly nutritious vegetable platter that can be served vegetarian by withholding the prawns and using vegetable stock. It’s quick to make as well; 15 minutes for boiling potatoes and barley in stock, then a few more to tenderize the veggies and heat the prawns. When you’re ready to have it again, set it to thaw in your fridge the night before and heat it all up in a thin layer of stock.

Balsamic Flamed Steaks With Peppercorn Wedges

Steak via extravagonzofood.com
Nothing better than pulling up to your home after a backbreaking day of work in anticipation of steak. Not just any steak, but steak you can eat within minutes. The steaks and fries are both oven baked, and easier to prepare en masse than if you were just making a single meal. Just make sure to freeze the steaks with plenty of juices so they’ll be nice and moist as they gradually dethaw. They can be promptly reheated in a pan.

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