Nothing sucks the pleasure out of traveling like lost possessions. Replacing expensive electronics is a hassle on the road, and losing passports or bank cards could spell almost certain doom for your trip. So stay proactive and ensure safe storage of your belongings. Read on to discover the top products for securing your most precious items.

1. Pacsafe Backpack Protector

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Anti-theft devices for backpacks are meant to be deterrents first and foremost. They discourage potential thieves by creating an extra barrier to hack through before reaching the goods. Unfortunately, many bag coverings are still susceptible to being sliced apart by the more determined.

This is where Pacsafe’s backpack protector stands above the fabric mesh designs. The stainless steel netting guarantees that nobody will break through without specialized tools. And that’s practically a non-concern when staying at hostels and guesthouses.

You can tie the bag up to any post and secure it with a padlock or combination lock of your choice. The netting comes in multiple sizes to fit your luggage. The only downside is that smaller items are still at risk of being snagged through the holes in the netting, as the backpack protector is primarily meant to protect the backpack itself plus larger items.

2. Slingsafe Anti-theft Backpack

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Where the backpack protector shines brightest is in its utility to secure nearly any pack barring certain sizes. But if the wide gaps in the netting prove to be a deal breaker for you, consider the slingsafe anti-theft backpack.

Steel netting is enmeshed into the inner layers of the backpack;s outer panels, and cables run through the back straps. Because the chords encompass the entire bag, there’s next to zero liability of slashers walking away richer than before.

Each zipper attaches to security hooks—in addition to a tab for padlocks—to keep pockets safe from prying hands. Due to this, the anti-theft backpack is a viable alternative to security lockers when none are present at your lodgings.

3. RFID Neck Wallet

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Maybe you’re already trekking about with an anti-theft/slashing backpack, but when out on the town you’ll want to avoid constantly shuffling in your backpack for money or important documents. This is where the RFID Neck Wallet comes into play.

Slung about your neck and tucked away against your chest, the neck wallet provides greater peace of mind than hectic, overstuffed pockets. Whether tucked beneath your shirt or not, you’ll always have a clear idea of where your belongings are.

No longer will you fear stolen passports or bank cards at the hands of pickpockets. Your card’s data is also safe since this pouch features built-in RFID protection technology. Hand-held readers of shady streetwalkers are rendered useless against it.

4. Eagle Creek Undercover Money Belt

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Similar to the neck wallet, and more stylishly inconspicuous than dad’s fanny pack, the money belt wraps around the waist hence the name. An adjustable elastic waistband fits comfortably around persons of any size.

Where the money belt outperforms the neck wallet is in terms of modesty. Procuring items from the neck wallet involves lifting your shirt front to fiddle around for contents, or pulling the wallet up from your shirt’s neck hole. Definitely a blunderous move when dealing with immigration officials.

Instead, you can neatly slide the money belt out from beneath your pants line without flashing your stomach. Then you can put the belt back under cover and forget about it until bed time.

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