We all know liquor but what you don’t know is that the world strongest liquor comes with adventure. Their homes are widespread and you definitely need to travel. I mean, what would you prefer? Reading it online, or telling tales of each liquor and its adventure and what you had to do to get them. You will definitely be the legend. Here are the 11 world strongest liquors.

11. Clarke’s Court Spicy Rum

Strongest Drink

It comes at 10 with alcohol level of 67% it is made at Grenada. It is known for its spicy rum, which consist of nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, white pepper and combination of spirit. The liquor is honey colored and is made one of the largest rum producers in Grenada.

10. King of Spirits Absinthe


It is made up of 70% alcohol; it is made in Czech Republic. It is made of the thujone which is a chemical produced by the grand wormwood plant. This chemical is what it leads to absinthes which are clearly seen by the drinkers who tend to feel like the colors have become brighter, the breath is just perfect and your reasoning and thinking becomes better than when sober. Is it true? Well, you got to drink it to find out.

9. Bacardi 151


This brand’s home is in Puerto Ricco it has an alcohol level of 75.5%. It is light brown and tends to taste like Dr. Pepper. Those who love adventure this is definitely a must, it is listed a must have in Sub artic survival. Tends to be taken moderately.

8. John Crow Batty Rum


It is Jamaican white rum with alcohol level of 80%. Its name has a history, and it is better said when you taking the liquor. I hope you taking the liquor coz am going to give you a glimpse of the story. It was named after the John Crow Vulture which fed on dead animals, for it to digest the decaying substance it must had strong stomach acid which is nothing compared to John Crow Batty Rum. Want to know the whole story, got to take it.

7. Balkan 176 Vodka


It comes from Bulgaria with 88 % alcohol level. It has a very wide market due to distribution over 20 countries. The colorless vodkas loved by many South American, this definitely gives you a destination in which you should take this vodka.

6. Pincer Shanghai Strength


It is healthy vodka made from Scotland and has 88.8% alcohol. It will never be the death of you, like literally, it is made of natural products including wild eld flower and milk thistle, which is known for liver support in China. Yes, it is the paradox drink. You got to taste it if not drink it.

5. Hapsburg Gold Label Premium Reserve Absinthe

Hapsburg Absinthe

It is made in Czech Republic with 89.9% alcohol level. It brings about the best in you, especially your artistic side. Yes, everyone has an artistic side, is just that not everyone knows it. It is meant to be drunk with a ’chaser’ but with this drink there is definitely no rule. It is what you need when you have mind block.

4. River Antoine Royal Grenadian Rum


It is made in the famous Grenada and has 90 % alcohol. This is the drink that has originality and his taste is one step ahead of the other. It actually pot still. This way it ensure the rum is strong. They also do use the water wheel, which was used long ago. It is used to distil the rum from fermented sugarcane. This is the liquor that definitely the secret; old is gold. A taste of this and you will never go back!

3. Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey


With this whiskey, you may actually get seduced to buy it because of the package design as well as the bottle design, which introduces the light brown whisky elegantly. It has 92% alcohol and is home is in Scotland.it uses the method of quadruple distilling making the liquor even better. Many call it the most alcoholic single malt. To enhance its flavor it has the aged old cask. Got to taste this and save the bottle as a souvenir

2. Golden Grain and Everclear


Golden grain is made in the United States, it has 95% alcohol and 190 proof as the name the golden grain is the main ingredient.

With Everclear liquor, your mind is ever clear. The same company as Golden grain in United States makes it and it almost has the same taste. It also has 95% alcohol. It was the first 190 proof to actually be bottled. Its fan is mostly young drinkers and is nearly tasteless.

1. Spirytus


It wins the strongest liquor, which is 96% alcohol level and 192 proof. It is made in Poland. Once you take it you feel like you have been punched by reality and you have been living a lie because how would you have never tasted such nice liquor.

I don’t know about you but am definitely adding this to my bucket list and you certainly need to add this too. Because we only live once (WOLO). Time to get started in your exploration and adventures.

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