When you’re huddled in the endless shade of neolithic corporate headquarters and ritz tower blocks, corner street pubs just aren’t going to cut it. Drinking is a luxury, so why not up the degree of lavishness to extremes as you take to the stratosphere? Where skyscrapers scrape the sky there’s bound to be a slick bar setup stretching into the atmosphere’s outer limits. Are you ready to dish out the cash for a drink in heaven? Well then, step forward and take your pick from the world’s highest bars.

Cloud Nine, Shanghai

sky cloud 9via cloud9.cz
The upper pantheon of this behemoth scatters bar goers across three separate bars. First stop, the Piano Bar on the 53rd floor for soft melodies and smooth drinks. The mood is set as you make your crescendo ascent to the Patio Lounge on 56. Here, one is beholden to a regal marble atrium amidst crystalline elevator lifts. Once the french pastries have been sampled, the last task remains to float through to Cloud Nine. 87 floors up, it strikes a full-compass view of Shanghai’s lurid cityscape, all while you sip on specialty cocktails.

The Dome, Bangkok

sky dome The Dome is a sweet release from claustrophobic, vendor packed sidewalks and black clouds of smog from bus exhausts. Situated 63 floors up, you’re greeted with a panorama of Bangkok’s river quarters. Mellow jazz vibes pervade the lofty atmosphere as you stride the outer balcony’s bar setup. Sip on their custom Hangovertini—birthed during the shooting of The Hangover Part II—while gawking at brave adventurers scaling the abandoned Sathorn Unique Ghost Tower next door. Then after? Sirocco’s, the rooftop restaurant, for a five star gastronomic burst of the Mediterranean.

GŎNG, London

sky gongvia afso.net
GŎNG sits 53 floors high, nestled along the crown of Western Europe’s tallest building, The Shard. As a brainchild of the Shangri-La luxury hotel chain, GŎNG wears oriental themes on its sleeve. The bar is composed of three sections; a cocktail bar, a champagne bar, and an infinity pool which dips over the vast expanse of London life below. The martinis are spritzy, the view nigh on unfathomable, and the prices reasonable. This is the definitive way to see London, don’t miss out.

Ozone Bar, Hong Kong

sky ozonevia hongkongtravelguide.net
Donning the prestigious title of highest bar in the world, Ozone is the loving creation of Tokyo-based architectural firm, Wonderwall Design. It tops off the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong hotel, thrusting itself upon a throne of 118 floors. As the elevator doors break apart, you’ll be enveloped in hazy blue neon lights bouncing off the honey comb wall designs. The bar blends Japanese cocktails like the crowd-favorite Vanilla Sky, based on the movie of its namesake minus Tom Cruise. The bay windows eclipse a scene of high-rise neighborhoods and distant shots of Hong Kong’s protected park land.

360, Toronto

sky 360via pinterest.com
Ozone may be the world’s highest bar, but the CN Tower’s 360 is the world’s highest wine cellar. Far from a gimmick, the wine cellar resembles traditional underground ones right down to climate and humidity control. Take your pick from 9,000 bottles consisting of over 500 international wines. The 360 literally rotates a full 360 degrees every 72 minutes. Absolutely sublime when sipping on exotic wines and digging into Candian-French cuisine. And if you’re unafraid of losing your meal, you can teeter about the restaurant’s rooftop for the world’s highest untethered sky walk.

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