The art of decanting wine has persisted since the 11th century when the Venetian’s introduced the modern day wine decanter. Its primary purpose was to filter out any sediment in the original bottle before serving. The modern wine-making process is more refined and creates less sediment. Therefore, wine decanters are now mostly used to aerate the wine in order to release its aroma, in addition to pouring it in a stylish fashion. If you’re in the market to show off at your next dinner party, then look no further than these classy decanters.

Fountain Aerating Wine Glass

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A miniature glass of wine inside a large glass… Genius. The smaller cup contains holes that have been precisely drilled with lasers, allowing only drops at a time to filter into the larger cup. A fountain sensation is created as a result, and who doesn’t love fountains? Though you’ll need to pour with utmost accuracy in order to hit the little decanter.

Final Touch Twister Wine Aerator And Decanter Set

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This three-part contraption eases the wine through slowly, ensuring full oxidation takes place before serving. Great for heavier wines like Port or Cabernet Sauvignon, but perhaps too thorough for lights wines like Chianti. The wine first swishes about the bulb of a typical glass. Then it descends down a twirly stem before finally entering a conventional decanter.

Aervana Electric Wine Aerator

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This device completely eliminates the hours traditionally needed to aerate wine. Simply plop on the neck, place your glass beneath it, and press. Unlike decanters and bottles, a steady hand isn’t required to distribute the aerated wine. Great option if you’re in a rush.

Uni Swan Wine Decanter

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Does the swan shape enhance the aeration process? Likely not, but it certainly lends itself to at least five minutes of pre-dinner conversation. The high point of this decanter isn’t the avian physique, but rather the narrow pouring spout from the tail. It’s much easier to use than the wide openings of most decanters.

Applied Physics Wine Dispenser

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For those moments when four thirsty patrons are eagerly thrusting their wine glasses in your general direction. Physics truly are applied here as each glass is guaranteed to be filled at the exact same rate. One of several interesting kitchen appliances in the “Applied Physics” line designed by Acquacalda.

Vinturi Deluxe Red Wine Aerator Set

Blends in well next to your coffee maker and innocent onlookers will have no idea as to its purpose. The grate embedded within the fill cup absolutely guarantees any stray sediments gets separated from the goods. It’s much easier to clean than typical decanters as well.

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