Hangover is the experience of various psychological and physiological effects following the high consumption of drugs such as alcohol, bhang, cocaine and even being away from loved ones after spending some food time with them for a short period. Some symptoms of hangover are like drowsiness, headache, concentration problem, fatigue, anxiety, and dizziness amongst others. Hangovers are known to physically interfere with a person according to the type of activity that one did in a certain period of time. People develop hangovers after the blood alcohol drops significantly and become zero, mostly after parties since they engage in many activities such as drinking alcohol and also engage in a lot of dancing which may cause fatigue, headache and stomach nausea which is bad enough that you will find a lot of time just to feel better.

Everyone has one time had a hangover over something. However, overthinking because of hangover may create certain health risks such as high blood pressure, ulcers and depression to a person after some time. Though many remedies were suggested but only a few work to people time .it requires one a lot of time and also being busy to prevent hangover. During a comparison according to sex, women are more prone to hangover than men as they attain a higher blood level concentration of alcohol than men it is said that hangover symptoms increases according to age as heavy drinking of alcohol decreases.

Hangovers are specifically created by a person and they can also decide to be thinking of the same thing over a long period of time and even create a memory with it. Hangover are considered to be worse when someone uses drugs compared with other passive activities as it will come with many side effects to the user. This is where some people will start regretting after a wildest party the previous night and waking up with a headache that will last for many hours and even feel like you are paying for it dearly.

Worse things can happen at times and you will start looking for the best remedy for the hangover. There are several ways or treating a hangover. These include

1. Drink plenty water

Drinking water to re-hydrate yourself as alcohol will cause the entire body to loose water by simulating the kidneys to excrete more water than you drink.

2. Medication

Take a Pain reliever since the head will start throbbing as there can be a migraine headache, which is as a result of alcohol widening the blood vessels.

3. Diet

Eat plain starchy foods to eat away the hangover and increase the blood sugar and settle the stomach, though there might be chances of you not feeling like eating anyway. After drinking excessively go to sleep and pass out in bed some might consider calling it sickness after it becomes too much to handle which should not be a habit.

Before going for the party or going to drink alcohol with friend just ensure that you first stick to a heavy diet both during and after getting drunk as will help decrease the rate at which the bloodstream absorbs alcohol, you should always eat and even force yourself to eat and scramble a couple of food stuffs. Drink a glass of water between every drink and make it a rule, if the rule is forgotten force yourself to choke back a pint of water before going to sleep. Eat greasy unhealthy foods before, take vitamins and have a bit of ginger with some clear soup and if you can, have sex and pass blissfully afterwards.

4. See a doctor

When the cases are severe they are advised to see a doctor. Cases of unconscious or the person is at risk of dying. If you suspect that someone has alcohol poisoning and you don’t even, see the signs and symptoms seek medical attention as soon as possible. The doctors will help the patient to recover easily from a heavy or poisonous drink, which may also be harmful to your health. Young children should not be exposed to issues like alcohol and drugs as it can interfere with their brains after a short period of time as is not well developed. Parents and elders should teach their children on the effect of drugs and their side effects to their health of which some are for a lifetime.

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