Coffee, which is a brewed drink, is prepared from roasted coffee beans (which are the seeds of berries from the Coffea plant). It is native to tropical Africa, Madagascar, and the Comoros, Mauritius and Réunion in the Indian Ocean. Due to its caffeine content coffee has stimulating effects to human beings.

That being said, it is important to outline some of the best coffee destinations in the world. There are countries that are known for the quantity and quality of coffee products, such countries include: Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Honduras, Mexico, and Peru among others. However those countries that produce coffee are not necessarily the best when it comes to brewing coffee.


Also referred to as the genetic birthplace of Coffea Arabica coffee has been growing wild and harvested in Ethiopia for millennia. If you are looking for the most original coffee rich in taste and flavor Ethiopia is the mother of quality-brewed tea. It has the largest genetic diversity of coffee varieties, many of which still remain unclassified, which helps contribute to the uniqueness of the cup character. The sweet fruit notes and delicate floral aromas of Ethiopian tea is nothing short of mouth-watering.


The big red berry and black currant sweetness that’s balanced by intense brightness is what defines Kenyan tea. The secret might be the variety SL28 found by a group of researchers almost a century who set out to find the right variety for quality and heartiness in Kenya. Kenyan coffee is well known and well-liked, both in the United States and Europe.


Located at the equator Colombia experiences several microclimates, which influence the flavors of the coffee in the area. Either that or the unmatched chefs in the country; the coffee in Colombia is of exquisite rich but diverse taste. The coffee in the region is harvested twice in a year rather than once as seen in other coffee growing regions in the world. Maybe the quality of tea in this area can be attributed to the high number of small-scale growers who find it easy to give their undivided attention to the cash crop. It could be one or all of the above reason that makes Colombian tea one of a kind.


Sweet, balanced, and supple coffees full of flavor are some of the expressions that can be used to describe tea from this country. Guatemala is a small country in Central America but if its size has anything to do with its coffee quality then I think it will suffice to say that; great things come in small packages. This medium-to-full bodied coffee has a depth and complexity of taste that is almost spicy or chocolate taste.

Costa Rica

Apart from its amazing people and outstanding beauty Costa Rica is famous for its sweet coffee. It produces only wet-processed Arabicas. It has a perfect balance between its small body and its sharp acidity. The attention paid to the quality processing and conscientious growing methods have built Costa Rica’s reputation for fine coffee.


Two different producers who leave on the opposite sides of a mountain growing two varieties (Catuaí and Pacas) should be thanked for diverse taste of the Honduras coffee. El Cielitos (Fernandez’s coffee) has a very special golden raisin quality that is rounded out with apricot and red raspberry while San Luis’ Planes’ (Mariano Mejía’s coffee) tastes like green tea, red currant, and hazelnut. Santa Bárbaras’ coffee has flavor that is close to the African coffee.


The rich quality of coffee here can be attributed to the renegade band of quality-focused producers who push the limits of processing and cultivar-specific coffee grown on the islands of Java and Bali. The process (dry processing) used to produce coffee here cannot be matched — even with today’s technology. That is why words like Java are synonymous to coffee. The sweet coffee in this area is defined by pushing boundaries socially and agriculturally to obtain one of the greatest tastes in the world.


Rwanda has witnessed one of the most remarkable rises of coffee quality in a short time; from producing zero specialty coffee to being the first African nation to host a Cup of Excellence competition in the space of eight years. What more is there to say? That alone speaks volumes.


Gesha cultivar is not just a name but rather a brand of coffee grown, produced and brewed In Panama that is nothing short of brilliance. Panamanian coffee extremely sought after due to its tea-like quality and outstanding floral cup.

United States (Hawaii)

Nature provides just the right environment for the coffee trees on the slopes of the active Mauna Loa volcano that is coffee is carefully processed to create a deliciously rich, aromatic cup of medium body.

After an article like this there is nothing I want more than a hot mug of coffee. If I had the honor to choose coffee from any of the countries mentioned above, I would be spoilt for choice and would probably say something like, “surprise me”.

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