Your bar is only as good as your drinks. If your starting off creating your home bar these are the essential bottles that you need to make most drinks. Not all drinks, but most drinks.

1. Gin


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Not really popular but an essential nonetheless. It is a light spirit, a king’s cocktail spirit. In the past it was a very popular drink among all groups of people. It is used for botanicals unlike all other drinks.

2. Rum (light)

bicardi rum

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A lazy drink for when you decide to have daiquiris and mojitos or even mix the drink with plain pineapple juice. It is one that is light in both color and lightly sweet in flavor. This is a mostly use to make mojitos and daiquiris. It takes you to a tropical place, so how do you pass on it?

3. Rum (dark)


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In some cases it is called amber rum and it is way darker than light rum and more aged too. It is richer and molasses-y. It is more barrel characteristics and is best suited for a variety of tropical fruit flower. It tastes like forgotten night on Bourbon Street.

4. Tequila (silver), 5. Tequila (gold)

Tequila is in most cases removed from most of the drink list because it can apparently only make margaritas. This is true but what would happen without margaritas? Even though, it is good for more than manhattans and shots. Like champagne or cognac, tequila can only be made in a specific region: the Mexican state of Jalisco and some surrounding areas.

5. Bourbon


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A friend to very many people and popularly preferred. It is considerably one of the sweetest and the most approachable of the whiskeys. It is a barrel aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn. Some of its brands include; wild turkey, George Dickel etc.

6. Rye Whiskey

Rye Whisky

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Everybody has a whiskey favorite, it is a drink that is incredible spicy drink when mixed with sugar, citrus and other ingredients. It can be used to make the best Manhattan. This tastes similar to the American whiskey. It is a drink that is all over the classic cocktails. It also goes well with dr. pepper

7. Vermouth (sweet)

Your sweet vermouth is also your red vermouth, which is used in things like Manhattans and can add a lovely, slightly herbal but sweet characteristic. It is an Italian variety

8. Vermouth (dry)


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A kind of aromatized wine, one that is fortified with various with flavors from the various botanicals.

Vermouth is more portion than drink. The ultimate cocktail builder was originally used as a medicinal tonic, with spices and botanicals. At its best vermouth is not just a snazzy cocktail ingredient but also a cocktail by itself.

9. Absinthe


An anise- flavored drink derived from botanicals such as flowers and leaves of the grand wormwood. Is in naturally green but can also ne colorless. It is popular for its effect on people causing hallucinations and its intriguing taste. It has been seen to be similar to black licorice

10. Vodka

A drink with no taste, it is a top seller and an incredible conduit of flavor in terms of what goes into your drink. Currently it is really hard to avoid it in your drink as it blends seamlessly with just about anything.

11. Cointreau

As attested to by many people this is a drink like no other. It is a unique drink combined with harmony and bittersweet oranges. Some of its brands include, white lady and blood orange Jalapeño Margarita.

A bar is made up of some key drinks, which are used in the making of the other many cocktails. In most cases without these drinks it is hard to call what you have a bar. There from this list you can now stock your bar, at home or at work.

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