You will find an app for almost everything and drinking beer is no exception. There are a number of apps for beer lovers that help them find, catalogue and share amazing beer. Still, you do not want to clog your phone with so many apps that you may never use. That is why the list below gives you the must have apps for beer enthusiasts. They are exciting and a reason to pull out your phone each happy hour.

1. Untappd


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You can get untappd for free for both your iOS and Android devices. It is a great social app for beer lovers. This app allows you to check-in different beers and where you will be drinking. In addition, it has a friendly interface that makes it intuitive. You are also able to find local breweries and evaluate the beer, and subsequently get a reward.

2. DrinkTracker Breathalyzer

Drinking App

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This app works with iOS devices, and you will find it at just $1.99. `It evaluates whether you can handle driving and lets you know if you should. It will still be easy to use after a few beers. It is a great app when you want to have fun far from home. Furthermore, it is accurate and extremely useful.

3. Beer Match

Beer Match

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For just $0.99 and with iOS platform, you can benefit from Beer Match. It helps you establish which beer goes well with what you are eating. It gives you a perfect match for your food. It relates food, cheese and beer, and suggests what will work well together. In addition, it has a simple interface that gets you the data very quickly.

4. Drink Fit

Still on iOS, you get to install Drink Fit for just $1.99 in order to keep track of your calories. It displays information that is easy to understand. As well, it provides details about the calories and carbs in different drinks. It also records the drinks that you have taken in a night and tabulates the total calories. You can therefore watch your calories even when taking alcohol.

5. TapHunter

TapHunter is free for both Android and iOS. It is a perfect app for beer lovers who like fine stuff. It helps you discover new breweries and sellers of classic beer. It will also help you when you are in a new town and want to locate a brewery, and bar that sells your favorite beer. It is an amazing app that will enhance your beer experience.

6. Today’s Beer


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You can install Today’s Beer on iOS for just $0.99 and get remarkable information about beer. It feels natural to use this app, and it displays a beer each day together with facts about it. You therefore get a complete view of the drink. It further comes in handy for enthusiasts and collectors. In addition, it displays the beer label and the color of the drink.

7. BeerGram

At no cost at all, you can install BeerGram on iOS devices. It is an exclusive beer app that lets individuals buy beers for others. It provides a list of bars and restaurants where you can buy beer phone to phone, and what is on the menu. You also see what places your friends regularly check-in. All in all, it is a warm way to appreciate a friend and make a sensible connection.

8. Pintley

Beer App

Pintley is a free app, which recommends beer to drink based on a user’s likes and dislikes. It has a database with a lot of options, and this is what enables it to respond to what you want. It is useful in helping you find a drink that you like in a new place and also explore other tastes that you did not know about before. It further works with Android and iOS devices.

9. BreweryMap

Beer Map

At the price of $3.99, this beer is very useful to beer-lovers. It is one app that will make your road trip memorable. Once you enter your location and the destination, this app shows you all the breweries on the way. You are then able to search based on road trip, location and brewery. Moreover, it is both an Android and iOS app.

Beer apps can certainly enhance your drinking experience. In most instances, consumers have a beer when they go out without thinking much about it. However, if you are passionate about having a really good time and getting the best, having a beer app is the best way to go. You get to learn what to consider when having a beer in different locations and with different meals. You also get to enjoy the best beer in different locations and bars.



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