Finding that perfect last minute gift for friends and loved ones is a grueling exercise in futility. Luckily, the process can be simplified; i.e. narrowing the field. For example, let’s say that your giftee has a sweet spot in their iron stomach for liquor. Take advantage of it, and present them with an exceptional bottle of liquor that will make the connisseur within them—however deeply hidden it may be—sing the praises of your name for such an excellent gift. So quit your stressing and read on to pick your poison.

1. Johnnie Walker Blue Label

lgi johnnie
Good ole Johnnie Walker has sailed near and far, carrying prestige as the most widely sold Scotch whiskey brand the world over.

Well regarded though it is, the Blue Label is used to identify the best of the best in the Johnnie Walker formula. Only awarded to roughly 1 out of 10,000 casks of Scotch whisky, the Blue Label pays due homage to blends of the 19th Century.

Price: $229

2. The Dalmore 15 Years Old

lgi dalmore
Just coming of ripe age as the name states, the Dalmore transports your palate to those months straddling autumn and winter.

It’s matured in amaroso cherry casks and radiates an aura of ginger, winter spice, cherry, and Christmas cake. A rich wave of malty barley swoops in for the finish.

Price: $60.60

3. Purity Vodka

lgi purity
Most drink vodka for the sting, not the taste. However: 2016 Vodka of the Year in the Sip Awards International Tasting Competition. Why not have both?

Grain-based and hintingly fruity, Purity stands tall in the vodka hierarchy. And after 34 distillations you can’t expect anything less than a smooth finish to exemplify how pure the ingredients truly are.

Price: $40

4. Highland Park Dark Origins

lgi highland
Dark Origins delivers more of what you love about Highland Park by using twice as many cherry casks than their standard mix. The result is reflected off the bottle’s darkly imposing display; deeper, richer tones for higher impact.

It hits you in a flash bang sequence first with its mahogony shading, then with the dried banana infused scent. The dark chocolate and pepper swing nicely against maraschino cherries before petering out to a sweet smokey finish.

Price: $71.65

5. Hibiki 17

lgi hibiki
17 year old Japanese whiskey blend Hibiki is aptly named, meaning ‘harmony’ in Japanese. And there truly is a harmonious sense of magic in the toffee ghost which sweeps in rich oak and citrus under its sweet embrace.

The aftereffect is smooth and gently floats the citrus tang through your sinuses. It’s little wonder that Hibiki 17 was awarded “Editor’s Choice” by Whiskey Magazine.

Price: $121.20 

6. Tanqueray No. Ten

lgi tanqueria
To speak of citrus fruits, Tanqueray No. Ten is wholly composed of them. Lemon-lime, grapefruit, and orange take to the fore, while chamomile and juniper subtly back the fruity palate.

It’s this emphasis of citrus over juniper which separates No. Ten from other gins. The unique botanical flavors make it an oft-used component of martini’s and gin cocktails at top-notch resorts.

Price: $34 

7. Santa Teresa 1796

Santa Teresea 1786 is the first premium rum to use the Solera method for aging. The 4 to 35 years spent in French oak barrels gives itself away from the opening whiff.

The process—dubbed cascading—is quite thorough and unique to Venezuelan rums. The contents in one barrel are aged to taste then transferred to another barrel and so on until it’s run through four of them. Just half of the mixture is used in each transfer to ensure only the finest passes on.

Price: $33.99 

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