Japan has marked territory in the spectrum of fine alcoholic creations. From birthing the original sake formulas to it’s masterful spins on whiskey, you’d be remiss to pass up a sampling of Japan’s finest during your visit there.

With that said, the Japanese are quite the madmen when crafting other beverages as well. In fact, these drinks feature such a downright startling blend of opposing flavors that resisting the sheer novelty is futile. Addiction settles in and you can’t help but try one of these new oddities every time you step into one of Japan’s street corner mini-marts. Head below and inflame your curiosity with these offbeat beverages in Japan.

1.Morinaga Pancake Drink

Jap Morinagavia jvtokyo.blogspot.hu
Some mad genius dipped their fingers in the pancake batter bowl one too many times and thus Morinaga Pancake Drink sprang forth. Skipping the griddle saves serious time when batter in a can awaits in nearby vending machines. All that great flapjack taste without the nutrition.

2.Menthol Shock

Jap Mentholvia blog.japantimes.co.jp
The ‘shock’ supposedly refers to the lemon infusion, but it more accurately describes the reaction your gag reflex will have to this. “Am I downing rubbing alcohol mixed with tonic water? Will this dissolve my stomach lining?” Oddly enough(not!) it disappeared from store shelves within two weeks.

3.Unagi Nobori

Jap Unagivia designswan.com
Eels have always seemed a questionable choice for consumption, yet grilled unagi has proven itself as a Japanese street stall mainstay. So yes Japan, you’ve shown us that slimy aqua snakes do indeed taste awesome on the charbroil. But in a drink? Have fun with that.

4.Water Salad

Jap Water Saladvia picssr.com
How exciting! The robust flavors of water and salad join forces to dethrone Coca-Cola’s stranglehold on sugar crazed kiddes! Oh wait, it says Coca-Cola right on the can… Anyways, Water Salad jumped aboard the “healthy junk food” train and garnered an enthusiastic fan base. Props.

5.Placenta 400000

Jap Placenta
via answers.com
Pity for the poor soul who scooped this up thinking it’d make a prestigious addition to his garage bar. Granted, the peach flavoring might throw you off even further if the name didn’t clue you in. And hey, pig placentas are said to contain regenerative properties, maybe it’s not such a bad deal after all.

6.Wan Wan Sparkling

Jap Wan Wanvia japantrendshop.com
Has your canine companion ever felt left out when you’re sipping Chardonnay and he’s lapping up tap water? No? Well then, purchase them a high class non-alcoholic wine of their very own. It’s grape flavored because we all know how dogs and grapes are a perfect fit. Right?


Jap Bilkvia munfitnessblog.com
Berry milk? Banana milk? Wrong, beer milk. Though it does sport a tinge of fruitiness, a trait manufacturers hoped would appeal to women. The crazy concoction came about through a nationwide milk surplus. So Japanese breweries added yeast and hops, brought it to a low boil, and wallah, fermentation.

8.Kid’s Beer

Jap Kids Beervia japanguidebook.com
The brainchild of a clever restaurant owner who changed the name of “Guarana” soda they served to Kid’s Beer on the menu. Seeing the owner’s success, the Tomomasu company officially patented the beverage, keeping the soda flavor but making it darker and frothier. Kanpai!

9.Pepsi Salty Watermelon

Salty Watermelon
via shortlist.com
Sounds insane though not quite considering the Japanese sprinkle salt on their watermelon. It’s just another wacky entry in Pepsi Japan’s long lineup of experimental flavors. “Salty Watermelon” isn’t so bizarre next to “Pepsi Pink”—strawberry milk flavored—or “Pepsi Ice Cucumber”.

10.Push Up Drink

Jap Pushupvia theztyle
No, sorry, this won’t make you any better at push ups. Now drop down and give me 50! In fact, this drink’s purpose isn’t fitness, it’s breast enlargement. It’s made with pueraria mirifica which was purported to increase breast size. But the study was proven bunk and so was this drink. Aw well.

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